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Viole is shining like a star. You shouldn't bother a guy like that. Because there are people that will be following him, forever chasing that light.

—Novick to Xia Xia[1]

Novick (노빅, "Nobic") is a Regular and a Spear Bearer originating from one of the Ha Family's branches. He was formerly part of Khun's team. Novick knew that Khun had been using force to capture and coerce notable Regulars onto his team, though he didn't do anything to stop it. He also knew why Khun tried to bring Rachel to the top of the Tower. He was also a former member of Team FUG. Currently, he is the leader of his own team with several other members.

When he was in Khun's team, he was ranked 2nd, not counting Khun. He had an existing rivalry with Ran, who was ranked 1st. It was said that Novick stayed in Khun's team just to fight Ran. Novick was estimated to be one of the Top 10 strongest E-rank Regulars.

Appearance and Personality

Novick is a tall, muscular man easily over 2 metres tall, with a pale complexion and black hair. He is often seen wearing a black, short-sleeved sports shirt with a green collar, black shorts, and black and green sneakers. He has red eyes similar to Yuri, though he has white pupils. He is a prideful individual, always aiming for first place within Khun's team. He sees Ran as his rival and often creates contests to try to show that he is better; however, despite his fixation on Ran, he has been shown to be careful, logical, and adaptable when dealing with unknown situations.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Prince of Zahard

The Wool's Knot

When Edin Dan was captured, Novick was given the duty of answering any questions he had and introducing him to his other teammates. Novick was also the one to initiate the fight to determine the strongest within the group. When the rest of the group quickly surrendered, he challenged Ran, though he was quickly defeated by him.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

Devil of the Right Arm

Red Prison Seal.

He later went with Khun to try and capture the Devil of the Right Arm. He constantly berated Ran about being careful and methodical, provoking Ran into destroying Khun's Lighthouse and go off on his own. Novick caught up to Ran only to find him engaged in battle with a figure similar to the Devil, Horyang, and promptly joined in the fight. He and Ran chased after Horyang and told Ran to slow down, after which Ran immediately sped up.

He and Ran were led to a room inside Arlen's hand, where Cassano revealed himself. After Ran was sent flying, Novick attacked, but Cassano jumped up and injured him. However, like Ran he was uninjured, and when Ran said that he was getting bored, he took the front line, blocking Cassano from attacking, while Ran used Espada de la Luz to defeat Cassano. He, along with Ran, then battled with Horyang before Horyang was backstabbed by the presumed dead Cassano. Viole arrived just seconds later and, after trying to reason with him, decided to give up and admitted to killing Horyang even though he did not.

Viole quickly dispatched both Ran and Novick. When Xia Xia showed her true colours, Novick managed to take the remote to a bomb from her hands before being frozen by Viole. Xia Xia detonated the bomb. Ran and Novick were saved when they were accidentally taken along Xia Xia's escape machine.


Novick and Ran are both angered at what happened to their team and attacked Xia Xia and Cassano. Before Ran and Cassano could exchange blows, Viole stepped in and put a stop to the fight. Viole explained that he did not wish to fight with Khun's teammates and pressed for a truce and alliance; Xia Xia relented to Viole's insistence. He wondered why Viole seemed so concerned for them, but followed Ran's lead, who agreed to the truce and alliance. He was imprisoned along with Ran in the new base for Viole's team.

Workshop Battle

Upon completing the 29th Floor test with his new team Novick told Ran that, even though he disliked the team, it was the best team he'd ever seen. Novick was then seen along with Ran, with Reflejo behind their backs. Novick pleaded to Viole to make Reflejo take off the cuffs on their ankles. Viole ordered Reflejo to take them off, despite his advice. As this happened, Novick then tried to intimidate the masked man however quickly stepped two steps backward when he realised that Reflejo was not a person to mess with.

One Shot, One Opportunity

Novick blocking Anak's attack

Novick was seen with Team FUG after the game began. They became disorganized at the discovery of Viole's absence and decided to split up and cover different entrances. Ran and Novick stayed on the floor and fought Anak as she charged in. Ran dodged all her attacks while Novick, attempting to block, was blown away. Viole arrived in time to stop Ran and Anak from killing each other and sent both of them up with bullets. Viole asked him to send Reflejo up while he took care of the intruders on the first floor by himself. Novick did as requested and went to check on Viole, who he found to have driven off the intruders. He saw the mask that Viole used to cover himself up and remarked that if Viole kept this up he would break himself. Viole replied that as long as he was the only one, then it didn't matter, since he had long lost his reason for living, causing Novick to become speechless. They then went to send the rest of their team-up.

Battle x Gamble

He saw Xia Xia come out of Viole's room and told her not to bother him, causing her to be angry. He told her that Viole was a Regular with a special light, unlike most Regulars. When Viole was chosen to participate, Novick told him to take it easy. After he met with Viole and Xia Xia, he and Ran teased her because she was too tired. He told Ran that there was something wrong in this Workshop Battle and it was probably due to FUG planning something. He spent his confrontation easily defeating the other Regulars.

The Truth

Novick found out about the plot set by Rak, Androssi and Yihwa to confront Viole. In order to help Viole, he attempted to distract Reflejo while Viole's friends confronted him.


Reflejo, who defied Viole's order to chase after him, was interceded by Novick, explaining their deal with Team Mad Dog and that Viole would return to his former teammates after stealing the Real Thorn. A short flashback revealed Ron Mei telling Novick right before the match that the Mad Dog would lend them a hand on a request by Anak. Their plans were soon turned on their heads when he found out that everything was still going according to FUG's plans. Horyang assisted them in his escape and the two were lead by Yuto to rescue Viole.


Novick, Horyang, and Yuto arrived at Viole's location through an abandoned well. Yuto went to distract the people guarding the entrance whilst Novick and Horyang took the chance to get Viole out.


Novick and Horyang fending off the Mad Dog's shadow wolves

The trio was successfully reunited with Viole and now had to escape and ensure that Viole was summoned by his teammates. With the goal of escape in mind, the team distracted the Mad Dog and Ron Mei to create an opening for Viole to breakthrough. After Hwa Ryun judged that they'd bought enough time for him to arrive at the well, Novick threw his spear against a wall and they leapt off into what seems to be a cliff, grabbing onto a rope attached to the spear. Hwa Ryun told them of an exit on the other side from their landing place and commented that they'd been running too much today.


Though Viole had been summoned, the rest of the escape team was found by a tracker placed on Horyang's pocket and were subdued by Reflejo and Cassano. Reflejo threatened Viole to start the final match, using them as hostages. Things didn't go their way when Xia Xia betrayed the FUG Team and revealed the location of the hostages, who were then rescued by Viole's teammates.


Novick and Ran were seen meeting Khun at a cafe in Wolhaiksong's Resort where Khun appointed him as the leader of a new team. The team's mission is to find and eliminate Rachel and her teammates.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


Novick was seen with Ran when the latter asked Beta to join their team and assist in helping them catch Cassano. He was seen again when the team was together in their room.

Revolution Road

Novick travelled with the rest of his team after reaching Train City. After reaching the elevator and Ran pushing the button to the entrance floor, the team encountered Mirotic Guardian and were forced to engage it after it attacked them. However, they were interrupted by a hooded figure calling himself "Daniel" who showed impressive powers by nullifying Mirotic's attack before promptly leaving.

Later on, Novick and Ran met up with Hwa Ryun during the Train City tournament with the latter two talking about Viole's progress and strength. He later accompanies Ran to meet Dan who had discovered Aka Williams. He then watched as Ran was trounced by Aka's henchman.

After the tournament ended, Novick listened with the rest of his team as Aka and Boro explained the situation involving Daniel's plan to wake up Hoaqin.

Yuri Zahard

Novick was seen alongside the rest of his team as they made it past the 6th Veil of the Name Hunt station.

The 'Name Hunt' Station

When Ran complained and wanted to go back, Novick told him to shut up and continue since he destroyed their only path back earlier. He then plowed onwards with the rest of the team. At the entrance gate, they encountered a very large Regular who demanded that Ran gave him his name. Ran refused and fought back, with Novick mentioning that Ran had been working hard since his loss to Moontari. He then watched as Ran destroyed Hesse with a powerful new move he'd been developing while training.

Later, lead by Chigrinsky, they travelled to the 'unnamed' residence. Upon arriving they were attacked, but the team quickly subdued their attackers. Once inside the residence, they succumbed to the sedative put in their drinks by their host, but were saved by the timely arrival of Hatsu, Anak and Leesoo. Leesoo then explained the situation to Novick as well as their reasoning for being at the station.

Powers and Abilities

Estimated to be at least one of the top ten E-rank Regulars at the time, Novick is an exceptional combatant, second only to Ran within his team. Based on his Ha Family blood, he potentially has great physical prowess as shown when he was left relatively unscathed by both Cassano's and Horyang's attacks. Also despite taking a direct kick from Anak, Novick got back up relatively unfazed (however he was left out of the fight for a while).[2] However, it has been shown that his overestimation of his own abilities can get the better of him. When Novick uses shinsu it takes the form of dark red fire-like energy.[3][4]

  • Body Reinforcement: He can harden his body with shinsu to withstand Viole's lasers.[4] This is no doubt due to him being a member of the Ha Family.
  • Hayeol Style: Crimson Soul Fist - Seal (하열 식: 적령권 - 봉쇄, Hayeol sig: Jeoglyeong-gwon - Bongswae):[3] Novick can manipulate his red-like shinsu to form a spherical dome around him as a shield, sealing him away from reach. However, it can be seemingly overpowered as Kang Horyang was not affected by this technique when he activated his right arm.[5]
  • Hayeol Style: Crimson Soul Fist - Crimson Bell Shock Seal (하열 식: 적령권 - 적령파봉쇄 (赤鈴波封鎖), Hayeol sig: Jeoglyeong-gwon - Jeoglyeongpabongswae):[4] A technique that can knock a person up into the air when hit. The actual effectiveness of this technique alone is unknown, it is most likely used to set up for a more deadly technique.
  • Enhanced Durability: Novick also seems to have above-average durability. His durability has been shown when he took direct hits from people such as Cassano and Baam with no issue at all.[3][4] He was also able to recover from a full-powered kick and then being stabbed in the shoulder by Anak Zahard after just a few minutes, standing up as if it never happened and claiming "it was just a scratch" (although this could be his overconfidence, it is still impressive he stood up in a short period of time).[2] He also recovered from a potentially fatal incident where he was kidnapped and knocked unconscious by Reflejo fairly quickly as well. Later on, Novick was also not hurt at all by J.M's spinning attack. This is most likely due to him being from the Ha Family.


  • Boomerang Blades: Instead of the more regularly seen spears that Spear Bearers use, Novick uses a kind of spinning blade in battle, which returns to his hand after it is thrown.


  • Nobic (LINE)

Notes & Trivia

  • He has a habit of biting his fingers.
  • He is not from the main Ha Family, he's from a Family which split off from it.[6]
  • He currently is on the Too Bothersome level on Ran's chart.[7]
  • Surprisingly, Novick is the best cook on Khun's team; however, Novick only cooks on special days, so the team members are trying to increase the number of these special days.[7]
  • Novick enjoys making many different family names and introducing them falsely, such as Novick Grand, Novick Giant, Novick Yesbig, etc. He thinks such behaviour is very funny and also intelligent. In truth, Novick is from a famous branch of Ha Family.[8]


  • (Talking about Viole to Xia Xia) "Everyone here is focused on defeating each other and going up, but he's different. He's shining. You shouldn't bother a guy like that. Because there are people that will be following him, forever chasing that light."[1]



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