Noma (노마) is a Test Admin on the 21st Floor[1] who was in charge of the Zygaena's Flower test.

Appearance and Personality

Noma is a short Asiatic looking man, with rosy red cheeks, thin eyebrows and narrowed eyes. He wears red Japanese traditional attire with a red hat that has a yin-yang symbol on it.

He initially had a very jovial, carefree persona but his true colours were revealed once he encountered Urek Mazino.[2]

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Flower of Zygaena

Noma appeared before Team Tangsooyook revealing to them that their opponents for the 21st Floor test had forfeited after finding out Viole was participating. He then showed them to their test site: Zygaena. He explained their test and then left them to it.

When Urek Mazino exited Zygaena, holding its baby, Noma was one of three Rankers that attempted to stop him. However, two of them were instantly and effortlessly obliterated with Noma being subdued in the next moments. Mazino admitted that Noma was among the rankers who were secretly killing off Zygaena's flowers to keep the jewel found inside rare. After being grilled with questions from Urek, Noma asked why he was doing this and was met with a chilled retort.[3]

Epilogue, Path

Noma informed Team Tangsooyook of their passing of the test before hurriedly fleeing.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Noma showed the ability to form circular rings of shinsoo,[3] although he was defeated too quickly to see just what he could do.


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