Necromancer is an ability that utilises shinsoo control using the living soul; it is a "living creature" that moves.[1] As such the Shinsoo can move as if it were alive and can seemingly move independently of the user's actions.[1] To do this, the user forms a wiggling head-shaped orb that looks as if it has a screaming zombie-like face trapped inside it.

The user is also able to generate powerful Shinsoo energy blasts by first forming a sphere (or spheres) of purple-black Shinsoo and then firing them off.[3][4] By generating larger sized spheres, the power of the shinsoo blast increases;[3] the user can also merge two shinsoo spheres to create a larger blast.[3][4]
The user is also capable of using this ability to absorb other shinsoo-based attacks.[5] By forming two decently sized purple-black spheres of Shinsoo, the user performs a strange Shinsoo absorbing power. When Daniel used this aspect, it allowed him to absorb Mirotic's two spear-like blasts.[5]
Finally, the user is capable of using this ability to heal injuries to their person;[6] the user can recover as long as they have enough souls stored.[7]

This ability makes the user similar to a soul hunter; the stronger the souls the user collects and consumes, the more powerful the abilities they can use.[8]

  • Daniel forming a sphere
  • Daniel using 94 souls
  • Daniel combining two spheres
  • Daniel absorbing an attack
  • Daniel using souls to heal his legs

Notes and Trivia

  • Before performing some of his attacks, Daniel has said that they are worth a number of people. For example, when he absorbed Mirotic's spear attacks, he said the technique was "worth three people".[5] Again, when he faced Mirotic alongside Rachel and allies, he used a shinsoo blast "three people worth" and later used an even more powerful shinsoo blast which was "worth 94 people".[3] Whether the number of people an attack is worth corresponds to the power of the technique is yet to be confirmed although it is implied that this is true.[8]
    • It can be assumed he is referring to the number of souls he uses in his techniques.



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