After becoming the ruler of the Name Hunt Station, Kaiser create this Ten Bosses[2] system to make 10 strongest regulars to serve her and make the system to challenge her as individual to be more complex and complicated to defeat. At the station, prior to the arrival of Jyu Viole Grace, the Regulars with largest collection of names were called the "Ten Bosses", with the greatest of them being Kaiser, "The Name Hunter", the commander of the station.[3] The Ten Bosses were also Kaiser's loyal subordinates and, if you gathered all their names, you could face off against Kaiser at the 'Festival'.[1] Excluding Hesse, all the Ten Bosses had claimed the name of someone from a Great Family.

In order to board the Train at the Name Hunt Station, one had to defeat Kaiser. However, in order to challenge Kaiser at the 2-day Festival that took place when the Hell Express reached the Name Hunt Station, one first had to gather the names of the Ten Bosses. Until the promised time, no-one at the station could attack Kaiser until either they earned the right to participate in the Festival or if Kaiser directly demanded a match with an opponent. Anyone attacking Kaiser without fulfilling either of these conditions was immediately disintegrated by the Floor Guardian.[4]

Note: After the arrival of Jyu Viole Grace and the defeat of Kaiser, all Bosses are either deceased, have lost their name or have been subdued

Notes and Trivia

  • Ten Bosses system was created by Kaiser.



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