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The Name Hunt station

The Name Hunt station is a place that was created to commemorate the bet between the 10 Great Families and the Tower natives, in which they put their names on the line.[1] The station is located on the 39th Floor.


This station resides on the 39th Floor and features floating stone blocks that Regulars must move across to get to the actual station itself; the station floats in the sky using large blue Suspendium monoliths.[2] The train stops at this station for two days before departing again.[2] According to Evan Edrok, a powerful person resides there who acts like some kind of "leader";[3] this person is in fact Kaiser the "Name Hunter", a veteran warlord who has ruled over the station for over 1000 years and is notorious for stealing the names of new arrivals at the station.[2][1]

Name Hunt

At this station, whoever wins in a battle can steal the name of the loser and whoever loses their name cannot use it for the rest of their life; the winning person can steal everything the loser owns, as well as their name.[2][1] Those that lose their name cannot use it until they reclaim it; those that lose their name become the "unnamed" and have to stay on the station forever.[1] These are special rules that only apply at the station and nowhere else; even those from the 10 Great Families are no exception to the rule.[2] Only the Zahard name is exempt from the name stealing rule.[4]

The legal Name Hunt 'servant' system

There is a specific manner for Regulars to steal another's name: after subduing your opponent, you place your hand(s) on their back (causing a message to appear saying that "Name Stealing" is beginning) and maintain contact for ten seconds, which allows you to steal their name; an opponent's name is stolen by default if they are destroyed.[5] Once a name has been stolen, a scroll with the stolen name written on it will be automatically generated. This scroll contains all the names that you have stolen, as well as a list of your 'servants'.[5] Servants refer to those who are ruled by the 'named'. The 'named' may bestow a name that they have stolen to an 'unnamed' Regular and, in return for being bestowed a name, the 'unnamed' must serve the one who gave them a name as their master.[5] Those who have become servants cannot refuse an order from their master, but they are able to create their own servants. This system of subordination is valid in any region outside of the station too.[5]

The station layout

The 'unnamed' reside in a small building near the entrance of the station, the 'named' reside in a larger set of buildings behind where the 'unnamed' reside and behind that is Kaiser's chamber, also known as the "festival field".[1] Regulars must use a "floating island" to traverse to different areas of the station, but since only 'named' Light Bearers can operate them, the 'unnamed' can't move between the various areas. In the 'unnamed' residence, six 'unnamed' Regulars share each room with their food and lodging provided by the building; fighting is forbidden in the building, although the Ten Bosses could do what they want because they could open the door as they pleased. Due to their unnamed status, 'unnamed' Regulars cannot leave this place until they reclaim their own name or steal someone else's; in addition, under absolutely no conditions are Regulars allowed to use the name that was stolen from them within the Tower.[5] The 'named' on the station enjoy power much like that of Rankers which is why they never want to leave.


The Festival (제전이, jejeon-i) actually refers to the battle that takes place among the selected candidates who are up for human auction.[6] The Festival is actually the true purpose of the Name Hunt Station. Rankers may buy a Regular's name at an auction and thus become their owners. This system allows the 10 Great Families to prevent their names from being stolen and kept outside of the Station by ransoming their own children. The auction takes place inside a floating island (Kaiser's Auction House, which specially built by the Workshop; the island remains usually invisible and only reveals itself during the festival. The only way to reach Kaiser's Grand Gallery during the festival is to ride the one floating island which is designed to do so.[7]


Before Elaine became Kaiser and ruler of this station, Name Hunt Station was a lawless, neglected area which only had remnants of the system from the time of the 10 Great Families. It seems like the families has conquered this place long time ago.


A long time ago, 14 year old Lo Po Bia Elaine was selected to become a candidate of the Zahard's Princesses by the Zahard Family, who valued her outstanding potential. The Lo Po Bia Family is divided into 20 family branches. Elaine belongs to the Grey Wolf branch, which didn't really have anything special about it compared to other branches. At some point, there were rumors going around that Elaine would be selected to become a Zahard's Princess. As this rumor continued to grow, the Grey Wolf branch quickly gained power and honor.

A week before she went to the Zahard's Palace, an incident occurred. It was the day when children from the 20 branches gathered to compete. Elaine didn't have to attend because she was going to be a Princess, but strangely, the main family summoned her to the event. This is the day where the young Elaine encountered a talented boy who possessed the most extraordinary abilities of any children from the 20 branches. Elaine fell in love with him at first sight, yet one of the many rules to become Zahard's Princesses is to not fall in love. The young Elaine then ran away with the boy, but she failed and can't escape from the family Floating Ship.

Later, Lo Po Bia Alphine found out that the arrival of Elaine at the gathering that day and her encounter with the mysterious boy had all been staged to test Elaine, in order to find out whether she really was suitable for living as a Princess of Zahard. The whole thing was fake. The competition, the boy, the whispers of love that the boy told her, it was nothing more than just carefully planned lies. Ultimately, Elaine failed to be chosen to become a Princess.

Hearing of this incident, the main family was furious and ordered her entire branch family to be imprisoned. The main family then imposed a massive penalty fee on Elaine's family. In particular, the main family sentenced Elaine with a very special labor punishment. As planned, Elaine was chosen to climb the Tower. After she became a Regular, she quickly climbed the tower and arrived at the Name Hunt Station in order to perform her special labor punishment. The main family sent Elaine to this station and promised to use part of the money that she earned to repay the debt of her familiy. Feeling guilty about the massive penalty fee which had been imposed on her family, she immediately suppressed the regulars at the station and made them her slaves, and that's how she ended becoming the "Kaiser" of the Name Hunt Station.[8]

Ten Bosses

After becoming the ruler of this station, Kaiser created the Ten Bosses system to make the 10 strongest regulars serve her and make the system to challenge her even more complex and complicated. The Regulars with the largest collection of names as "Servants" were called the "Ten Bosses", with the greatest of them being Kaiser, the commander of the station.[1] The Ten Bosses were also Kaiser's loyal subordinates and, if you gathered all their names, you could challenge Kaiser at the 'festival'.[5] Excluding Hesse, all the Ten Bosses had claimed the name of someone from a Great Family.[1]


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Notes and Trivia

  • The ruler of the Name Hunt Station is Kaiser.
  • The Name Hunt Station system is simply a pyramid slave system for Regulars, which is impossible to escape.
  • The Ten Bosses system at the Name Hunt station has been likened, by characters and fans alike, to be a "fake" version of the 10 Great Families.
  • The Name Hunt station is a very famous "Regulars Disposal" facility among the families.[4] "Bring me the Kaiser's name" is like an open passcode among certain families; it is an offer used for when they want to get rid of a Regular they don't like. The Ten Bosses receive huge sums of ransom money from the 10 families when one of their children wander into the station by accident.[4]



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