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Mysterious Weapon is a mysterious talking item or weapon that appear in front of Ja Wangnan inside the Hidden Floor.[1]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Hidden Floor (Arc)

The Advent

Ja Wangnan is transported to a room with a floating Mysterious Weapon in the middle of the room, which has the ability to talk. The Mysterious Weapon describes Wangnan as having the "Seed of the King" within him and him being the "Prince of the Red-Light district". After their short introductions, the weapon asks Wangnan for some help in a matter, and in return it will save his friends. Since most of Wangnan's companions are far away from the Mirror at the End, they will all die when the Hidden Floor is deleted. The weapon promises to grant Wangnan power to save his friends, but only if he kills one person for it.[1]

When the Hidden Floor was being erased with after Data Eduan decided to eat the Format Pill, Wangnan quickly grabs the weapon and escapes with it. After that, he appeared right in front of the main door of the Hidden Floor. Twenty-Fifth Baam who was unconscious after the real Zahard chocked his neck, also got teleported by the second Thorn fragment to the main door. Baam was lying on the ground while Wangnan stood in front of him, holding the weapon.[2]

When Ha Yuri Zahard was about to fight with Slayer Karaka to save Wangnan, the Mysterious Weapon emitted a bright golden light that covered both Wangnan and Karaka. After the light faded, Wangnan and Karaka disappeared and were teleported in one of the Hell Train's car. Karaka was shocked as to why he got teleported so suddenly but he can straightly assumed that it was because of the weapon in Wangnan's hand.

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Power and Abilities

  • Teleportation: The weapon teleported Wangnan and Karaka into one of the Hell Train's car.



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