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"Now it's time to sleep forever."

Roen Yuia sacrifice her soul to activate the sigil.

Mysterious Sigil, this sigil is an inscribed or painted symbol that was once used by the Slayer White as a last resort to survive after he was defeated[1] by a Zahard's Princess.[2][3][4]

Roen Yuia used this sigil once again in order to prevent the resurrection of Slayer White by sealing Hoaqin in the train forever. Roen pay the heavy price by sacrificing her soul to activate the sigil.[1]


"I can no longer support this body. We shall split my body into five parts through this sigil, and leave four of the clones on the Hell Train for resurrection in the future. The Spells will be complete when I return, and I shall regain my whole power. But if even one of other spirit mingles into the sigil, the spell will fail and our souls will be sealed in the train forever. Therefore we shall trick the people on the train into killing each other." [1]

Sachi Faker quoted what was in the note.

Six hundred years before the event of Twenty-Fifth Baam VS Hoaqin in the Hell Train, Sachi Faker, Aka Williams, Boro, Daniel Hatchid and Roen Yuia fought together and struggled to seal Hoaqin who tried to resurrect himself back as the Legendary FUG Slayer White. During their fight, at some point, Sachi Faker successfully managed to get his hands on the Hoaqin's Spell Book. He then explained that there's a way to defeat Hoaqin. Sachi said that he found a note in that book which seems to be written by Hoaqin himself when he was still a Legendary FUG Slayer "White".

According to the note, the High Ranker Legendary FUG Slayer White had to split his body into five through this sigil because he can no longer support White's main body as a whole after his defeat to a princess. He then leave his four clones (his siblings Vicente, David, Anna, Albelda) on the Hell Train in order to ensure his resurrection as Slayer White again in the future. This sigil has a high risk, because if one of their spirit mingles into this sigil, the resurrection process will stop and thus White can't be resurrected and will be sealed off forever inside the hell train.[1]

After hearing that they can seal off Hoaqin forever inside the train, Boro was very excited to lure Hoaqin into the sigil, but then Boro realized that they had to sacrifice someone. Roen then propose to sacrifice herself. At first, all of them rejected Roen's idea, but somehow the book still ended up in her hands anyway, and she successfully sacrificed hersef. According to Aka's confession of regret to Daniel, although they told Roen not to do it, perhaps deeps down on their heart, all of them, except Daniel, were glad of the fact that Roen sacrificed herself.[1]

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Notes and Trivia

  • Sigil (/ˈsɪdʒəl/; pl. sigilla or sigils) is a type of symbol used in magic. The term has usually referred to a type of pictorial signature of an angel or other entity.[5]
  • The term sigil derives from the Latin sigillum, meaning "seal".[5]
  • This Mysterious Sigil require a living soul as sacrifice[6] before it can be activated. One of Team Aka's member, who is also Daniel's lover, Roen Yuia, used this spell to seal Hoaqin at the cost of her own life.[1]
  • Sachi Faker once refers this sigil as a spell to seal Hoaqin.[6]



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