Myan is a Shinheuh that has a warp drive inside its stomach, which can be used to travel between floors if you have another Myan at the floor.[1]


1. Need to connect to another Myan [1]
2. Cannot travel to restricted areas or floors above the level of those traveling (only affects regulars)[1]



Appearance and Abilities

It has two rodent teeth, which gives it the appearance of white rodent without eyes. The teeth are not present when the warp drive is activated.

Its main power is its warp drive inside its body, which allows transport between Myans. It is also able to change the size of its body and mouth to a large degree, allowing anything from a large humanoid[2] to a warship[1] to pass through its mouth. The change in body size means that is also can be used as a mount in combat.[3]


Tower of God: Part 3 - Stealing the fang

Xia Lulu was in the possession of a Myan for the previous arc, but it did nothing notable. However, in this arc the Myan is used for the first time, when Baylord Paul travels into The Cage in order to overthrow Baylord Yama.

Tower of God: Part 3 - The Wall of Peaceful Coexistence

It was used to help Yama's rescue team and Baam's team to their respective floor and destination.


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