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Mule Love (뮬 러브, Myool Reobeu; "Mule Love") is a Ranker and Test Admin on the 20th Floor. His Position is a Spear Bearer. He specialized in Wonsulsa, one of many Special Positions after he passed certain Test at the Research Association.

Appearance and Personality

Mule Love is a short child-like Ranker with large blue eyes. He is always seen sporting a baseball cap with a long jacket and blue bottoms; his cap and jacket share the same blue chequered design and his overall attire has a blue-coloured theme. Love is drawn more cartoon-like than other characters.

Love appears to be a very proud and defiant person and will even go as far as to bend the rules to suit his own whims. However, despite his occasional outbursts that match his young appearance, he is generally mature enough to understand situations and accept his mistakes.


Mule Love was born into the Mule Family, a Special Family who managed to receive special contract from Administrator of the 20th Floor which is called the Mule Family Contract: "Iron Man Contract" (뮬 가문 계약: "철인 계약").[1] He also joined The Chicken Love Club with his superior Augusgus.

At some point in history, Love's parents were murdered by unknown FUG members. Since then Love hated and despised FUG for their crimes.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Love vs viole.jpg

When he first appeared, everyone snickered and thought he was adorable. Despite his appearance, he proceeded to score 13,200,000 on the shinsu measuring machine after only lightly hitting it. He told everyone that the machine would measure their shinsu strengthening ability. During the World's Strongest Regular test, Love was surprised when Jyu Viole Grace took the test, recognizing the ability Viole used as "Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique", a trademark technique of FUG.

At the end of the test Love announced that that Viole had to pick seven individuals to move to the next Floor but when Viole stated that he didn't wish to pick teammates, he was left surprised. After Viole gave his reasons, Love acknowledged Viole's concerns but mentioned that regardless of the person, the test could not be changed. He also said that a few of the other Regulars would be willing to make a deal with the devil to pass. When Viole refused to answer, Love proposed a game with him in order to settle the matter.

After letting the Regulars out to rest, he talked to Augusgus about a criminal that belonged to FUG but was reprimanded and told not to harm Viole in order to uphold the fairness of the Tower's rules.

The Trustworthy Room

Love vs Viole

Despite his superior's warnings Love conducted an early test known as The Trustworthy Room. He fought with Viole, and was surprised by his control over shinsu, but was able to prevent him from catching the remote on all three throws. On the second throw, he explained that his agenda against FUG was because of his parents' murders. On the third, impressed with Viole's skill, he attempted to persuade Viole into using his powers for good but, just then, Ja Wangnan interrupted Love and stole the connector, distracting him with a chilli pepper bomb. Love angered that Wangnan would sacrifice everyone for his desire for revenge, proceeded to beat Wangnan up but was unable to stop the connector from being tossed to Viole. He did not appear to stop them from going after the other Regulars afterwards.

After the test was concluded, Love was reprimanded by Augusgus for illegally conducting a test. It was revealed that news of a Slayer candidate beating a Ranker had spread throughout the Tower. Augusgus didn't accept Love's offer of resignation but made Love buy him fried chicken as an apology. Later on, Love confessed to the Regulars that the test wasn't official and told them that it replaced their final test, letting them move on to the next Floor. Love bought them lunch, where Wangnan and Yeo Miseng demanded pork dish.

Tower of God: Part 3

VS. Kallavan

After the 4th Army Corp surrendered the fight on the first wall, Mule Love was seen inside the needle capsule from The Cage along with Augusgus, FUG Elder Sophia Tan, Namo and Sola.

The Second Defensive Wall (Arc)

During the Battle of The Nest: 2nd Defensive Wall,Love exited the needle capsule and dashed towards the troops of 5th Army Corp to support his superior Augusgus. Later Love revealed that came to help Jyu Viole Grace to save his master.[2]

The One High Above

Inside The Cat Tower, Love came across the location of prison camp where he met Grande, Tall and other Canines who were taken hostage by Lo Po Bia Yasratcha. He also found out the secret location of the 2nd Portal used by Lo Po Bia Family to enter The Nest.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Ranker[1], Love showed a very strong close combat technique and also well equipped with various abilities.


Body Reinforcement

Love can strengthen his body immensely with shinsu; he effortlessly scores 13,200,000 on the Shinsu Measuring Device, which is almost 100 times stronger than Viole's Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique.

  • Mule Family Contract: "Iron Man Contract" (뮬 가문 계약: "철인 계약", Myool Gabon Gyeyag: Cheol'in Gyeoyag): It's a contract with the Administrator of the 20th Floor which basically enables stamina regeneration on this specific Floor. Contracts of this kind can be acquired by a Ranker from Special Families through a special test.[1]
  • 20th Floor Test Director (20F 시험감독관, siheomgamdughwan): On the 20th Floor, Love's shinsu resistance and control is increased.

Martial Arts

Love is a close combat fighter, so he fight by using martial arts that seems to have movement or attack style like a "Pitcher" in baseball game.

  • Upshoot (업슛(UPshoot!!), eopsyut): A quick and powerful uppercut using white and blue shinsu. It remains unknown whether it uses Wonsul or not.
  • Straight Ball (직구, jiggu): A reverse lunge punch strengthened by shinsu. It also remains unknown whether it uses Wonsul or not.[3]
  • Slider (슬라이더(SLIDER!!), seullaideo): Love can seemingly "slide" under or through shinsu attacks. Producing an afterimage of himself moving.[3]
  • Pitch Changeup (구질 변화, gujil byeonhwa): Arguably his most powerful attack and in his opinion the most difficult technique he used during the fight with Viole. It is a devastating close-range blast using red and black shinsu spinning around one's hand. It was strong enough to knock down Viole easily.[3]
    • Cut Fast Ball (컷 패스트볼, keos paseuteubal): It seems this technique is used to shoot Pitch Changeup's black and red shinsu as a big wave at long-range, as this name is seen after Love used Pitch Changeup on Viole, but not after Viole used the copied Pitch Changeup. The only difference is that in the latter case, the shinsu is just floating around Viole's hand, whereas Love shot it.[3]

Shinsu Control

  • Beam Cannon (광포(光抛), kwangpo, lit. "Light Throw"): Love focuses shinsu in the palms of his hands and then releases it in a white beam. A circle of the same colour is created around the ray so it seems this attack is Wonsul technique.[4]
  • Changeup (체인지업, Cheinjieob) is a technique that require Mule Love to gather and concentrate shinsu in his palm to form a yellow ball. He then throws it right into the enemy to create a huge powerful shinsu blast.[2]

Reverse-Flow Control

Love can also use the rare Reverse-Flow Control technique to stop the movement of his enemy. Love used it to stop Viole because he decided that the fight between them is no longer necessary. During the fight, Love actually intended to kill Viole because he is a FUG Slayer Candidate, to him, FUG is an enemy who killed his parents. But after realizing the potential of Viole with his instant copy skill, Love was very impressed and then suppressed his revenge feelings. In their hand to hand combat, Love quickly grabbed Viole's right arm and decided to stop the fight to persuade Viole for using his powers for good.[5]


Wonsulsa (원술): Love can use his shinsu in a perfectly circular motion, making it more powerful while retaining the same Myun and Su.

  • Blue Oar (청루(青櫓), cheong loo):[6] Love can create large blue bubbles of shinsu to ride on allowing him to move around very quickly.


Viole vs love.png
  • Mule Glove (뮬 글러브, myool geulleobeu):[7][1] An Armor Inventory shaped like two huge gloves. It's capable of increasing shinsu resistance and is passed down in Mule Family. It is used by Love to play throw and catch game using a room remote controller as the ball.

Notes and Trivia

  • Mule Love is based after the Korean baseball player Ryu Hyun-Jin.[8] Likewise, his game is based on baseball, and so are his battle techniques.
  • Love belongs to the "Spicy" (양념, Spicy and Seasoned) side in the Chicken Love Club, and has a tag on his left arm that shows it. He refuses to go over to the "Fried" side when Augusgus invites him.
  • SIU wrote on his blog that if not copyright, he would put "Fly Superboard" in the background for the scene when both Love and Viole use Blue Oar at the same time.
  • Love initially mistook Jyu Viole Grace for a girl until his superior referred to him with a male pronoun, after which Love looked up the records and realised his mistake caused Viole to room with Yeon.




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