Ms. Ice Strawberry (얼음딸기, Eoleumddahlgi), whose name is currently unknown, is a Ranker, a member of Wolhaiksong and was in Ha Yuri Zahard's party of Rankers. It is implied that despite having the appearance of a young girl, she is quite old, as she refers to Laure as "Young Man". Her real name is unknown, as Koon stated that they were using "stupid fake names".

Appearance and Personality

Ms. Ice Strawberry has a very juvenile appearance with pink eyes and pink hair set in a child-like style. Her child-like appearance may be involved with the fact that Eurasia Blossom is said to bear a child-like appearance. She wore a red full body zentai.

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Tower of God: Part 1

Crown Game

She and her partner return from scouting one of the possible routes Yuri's group could take. Confirming Evan's claims that the route through the White Steel Eels breeding ground was quickest she also noted that another fifth route was also fast.

Last Examination

She appeared on the Floor of Test with her partner where she encountered Laure who was ready to sleep. She asked why he was sleeping and he retorted irritably. Hachuling then connected to her and the two briefly conversed. After she and other members exclaimed that they wanted to have some fun like Yuri, Evan scolded them all and told them to sit tight. She then left quietly with the rest of the group.

Powers and Abilities

Nothing about her is known, except that she is a Ranker. She is from one of the Eurasia Family's branch families and probably has innate Shinsoo control.[1][2]

She was seen scouting ahead for Yuri's team but her position is unknown.

Notes and Trivia

  • She is named after SIU's favourite fruit.




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