Molic One P. GR (몰릭 원 P. GR, "Mol-lic Won P. GR") is the eldest Lord out of the Three Lords.[1][2] Among the three, he is the one currently in power.


If Zahard is the symbol that represents the Tower's ruler, Molic One is the being who actually rules the Tower. Of the Three Lords, he is the strongest and his influence is comparable to the 10 Family Heads.[1]

His name, Molic One, comes from the Molic region that he lived in, and it means the "absolute lord of Molic".[1][2] As his name implies, he was once the absolute ruler of the Molic region and, under a settlement with Zahard, he became one of the Three Lords.[1]

After he became a Lord, Molic faithfully performed the duties of a Lord and, unlike his old times, he carries on the image of a benign and generous ruler.[1] But during the Rulers' Conferences, he occasionally shows a charisma that overwhelms all other Rulers.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Although said to be a powerful warrior that Zahard himself could not take lightly, as it's ancient history, most of the records were lost.[1] Wielding his giant halberd, it is said he was able to fulfill the role of all Positions; however, to say "it was not that he performed the role of every Position, but rather he fought without any regards to what a Position was" seems more accurate.[1]


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