Mirror at the End

Mirror at the End (끝의 거울, kkeut-ui geoul) is a device that is responsible for saving the data of anyone that has passed all the stages of the Hidden Floor, before sending them back to the Hell Express. In the process of saving the data, their sworn enemy is deleted leaving only the data human behind.


The mirror was smashed by Urek Mazino, who became enraged at discovering that his data could not save properly due to him being too powerful. This event caused a lot of instability on the Hidden Floor, such as a bug-filled sworn enemy of Urek Manzino being saved and conciousness being given to certain data humans.[1]

One shard of this mirror was given to Ha Yura's mother, so that she could watch her son in the Hidden Floor grow up from the outside. This shard was later returned, making the mirror complete again.

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Notes and Trivia

  • Mirror at the End is not only an exit from the Hidden Floor, but can also be used as an entrance under certain circumstances.[2]
  • If data people try to leave the Hidden Floor through the Mirror at the End, then their data is destroyed instead. [3]
  • The Mirror at the End and the Mirror of the Past both make up the foundation of the Hidden Floor.



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