Mirotic[1][2] (미로틱, Milotik) is the guardian of the entrance to the Hell Express. The "guardians" are a kind of system that protects the Hell Express and are like "administrators" who prevent Regulars from doing unexpected actions.[2] Mirotic's appearance is activated and controlled by the gate[3] and he disappears once it is time for the gate to open; up until this point no attacks will work on him.[2]

Appearance and Personality

Mirotic is a fair-skinned humanoid being with long turquoise-coloured hair and seemingly glowing red eyes. He wears traditional Asiatic garments and also has a visible tail-like appendage. He also appears to be very large being taller than even Aka.

He seems to be a calm being, making no expressions when facing Ran and instead telling him to leave since the gate won't open until tomorrow.

Powers and Abilities

Mirotic is a guardian who possesses an illusion skill[2] and he will not attack unless a person attacks him first.[2] It is revealed that he is a semi-illusory entity activated and maintained by a device in the gate he guards; put simply, he is the realisation of an illusion.[3] More accurately, Mirotic isn't really an illusion but instead a half-real entity created using Shinsu to bring out part of the guardian's power.[3]

Even so, Mirotic is powerful enough to effortlessly overwhelm beings of Khun Ran[1][4] and Daniel Hatchid's[5] level and is even capable of taking on multiple experienced D-rank Regulars with seemingly little trouble.[6][7] However he does have a few weaknesses:

  • He can be switched on and off by people that have his controller.[5][8]
  • When he is closer to the gate he guards he can be damaged physically due to being closer to the device that maintains and controls his existence.[3]
  • He can be rendered susceptible to damage and weakened by directly destroying the device that maintains and controls his existence.[3]
  • According to SIU, Mirotic is not really strong. Yet the mechanism kept reviving it over and over. And defeating him won’t start the Train anyways. [3]

Despite these weaknesses, Mirotic is overwhelmingly powerful and it still required a group of powerful Regulars to take him out.[3]

Mirotic preparing a spear

Shinsu Spears:[4][9] He can generate spears made from Shinsu, that are similar to baangs, and has varied attack patterns using them. One type of attack is less powerful and uses 9 spears, another attack is a lot more powerful and only uses 1-2 spears and Mirotic can also generate 3 spears with the same amount of power as the smaller ones fired at Ran. To surprise his opponents, he can seperate one spear into several parts. While powerful, his spears can be blocked and even absorbed. Daniel Hatchid managed to absorb a triplet of spears[1] and Aka Williams and Moontari were able to stop his spears using their own methods.[10]




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