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Michael (미카엘) is a Regular and a Wave Controller first seen on the 25th Floor. He was a quack doctor in Khun's team and was also called a missionary. Not including Khun and Rachel, he was ranked fifth in the team.

He is an associate of FUG and was hired to infiltrate the team and kill Khun. He later appeared as one of the members of Rachel's group.

Appearance and Personality

He is a dark-skinned guy with white hair. He has been seen wearing very formal clothes and has a very quiet personality. He has shown to be psychopathic because even after poisoning Gyetang, he still continued to give him more poison and medical advice to his lifeless body, all while still having a smile on his face. The only time he's shown not smiling was when Rachel stabbed Dan.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Prince of Zahard

The Wool's Knot

After Novick presented Dan to the team, Michael surrendered with Apple and Gyetang after the former challenged them. Later Khun revealed his plans at the team and how to behave with Rachel.

Devil of the Right Arm

After the 29th Floor test, Gyetang told Khun that he had the bird flu. Michael told Khun he was going to take care of him, but the reality was that Michael poisoned Gyetang and killed him. After Michael and Apple captured Dan, they revealed that they were Regulars that FUG hired to infiltrate and kill Khun's team. After that, he witnessed Rachel stabbing Dan, causing significant injuries to his legs.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle


A cloaked Michael accompanied Rachel and inquired about the authenticity of the "item" Cassano brought with him.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


He was seen standing nearby Apple as she was getting Emile back online.

Tower of God: Part 3

Deng Deng

Michael and Apple snuck into the Last Station and warped with everybody else after the battle. They were hoping to meet with Rachel but they couldn't seem to locate or communicate with her. Michael said they have a powerful secret weapon on their side at least.

Baylord Yama

Michael later arrives at the cage as one of the elder's envoy's attendants, just after Baam and his party arrive. The envoy proposes to Yama that Michael and his team be entered into the Fang-Stealing Festival, and Michael, along with Apple and another member of FUG, immediately set off to steal the fang for themselves.

Stealing the Fang

At the Tooth Festival Arena, Michael meets Aguero, Deng Deng, and Rak, and tries to rile Aguero up before ordering Apple to steal the fang. Michael quickly runs away with his party straight through Canhong, Varagarv, and Ron Mei, but Aguero uses his lighthouses to teleport and intercept him, landing a blow. Michael then pulls out a syringe of formaldehyde and attempts to attack Aguero, but misses and is encased in ice. Cornered, he tells Khun about Yama's older brother sleeping in the cage in exchange for his life, revealing they've been lured into a trap by the Elder and Madoraco. Aguero still attempts to kill Michael, but before he succeeds, Baylord Paul arrives and Michael declares his allegiance, saving his own life as Paul lands a fatal wound on Aguero for him. He then escapes with his party, the fang, and Deng Deng in tow. Talking with Paul, Michael suspects that the Elder is trying to replace Yama.


After parting ways with Paul, he delivers Deng Deng to Gado at Doom's chamber. Michael then plots with Apple to keep the fang on her person and wait outside as a last resort if things go poorly. He then witnesses Doom's awakening but is caught in the blast that results from his escape from the chamber, only to be saved by one of FUG's canine priests.

Stealing the Fang 2

He witnesses Karaka and Baam's proposal of a new fang-stealing game, and soon leaves with Venti and his teammate to participate on Doom's side, taking a warship for transport. However, Michael turns the ship around after the battle becomes too chaotic to proceed with the game and instead attacks Aguero once again.


After Aguero stops his assault and grounds his ship, Michael reflects on his personality and says he understands how Rachel feels. Before he can ruminate further, Akryung orders him to depart with his teammates.

Notes and Trivia

  • The word "missionary" (전도사) in Korean can also be translated as "evangelist".



  • (To Apple) "Just thinking of it as taking a little detour. Because now we have got a powerful secret weapon on our side."[1]

Alternate Translations

  • (Korean pronunciation) Mi-kah-el
  • Mikael



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