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I'm a wandering minstrel who's going to guide you warriors!! You can call me Mi-eum!.

—Introducing herself to Khun and Hockney

Mi-eum (미음, Mieum) is a Data Humans and a Wandering Minstrel in the Hidden Floor. Her job is to guide the Warriors, people who cleared the Hell Train.[1]

Appearances and Personality

She is very diligent, patient, cheerful, optimistic, and supportive. As seen when she accompanied Rak Wraithraiser many times to fight his sworn enemy, the giant divine snake fish monster. Although she knows that Rak is kinda stupid and sometimes doesn't understand what she said, she still guide Rak tirelessly. She also very helpful in explaining many details of the hidden floor as her duty to Khun Aguero Agnis and David Hockney.

She has a self-awareness to the point like having a real heart feelings towards her surroundings, although she is only data generated and not a real human. She was upset when the hidden floor environment was called fake by Khun because to her it's real since she lives there. She has a very big trust over the big breeders. When she figured out that big breeders such Chung are actually very ruthless to even kill Rose, her reality is crumbling. She seems to lost faith and didn't know what to do anymore.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Hidden Floor

Notes and Trivia

  • She is a wandering minstrel from the wandering minstrel village in the hidden floor.
  • She was created to guide and accompany the warriors and record their journey and adventures inside the hidden floor.[1]


  • (Answering Khun) "Yes, we call the people who clear the train and come to this place "Warriors". I'm a wandering minstrel whose job is to lead the warriors here and record their adventures!"[1]
  • (To Khun) "But you sure came in here in an unusual way for people who have cleared the train. Most people are summoned in the "town", not through that door over there."[1]
  • (Answering Khun) "Yes, except you guys who just got here, everything here, including me, is "data". But since I was born and grew up in this place, I don't want to call everything here "fake". From the blades of grass and trees to the dewdrops, everything is "real" to me since I live here"[1]



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