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  • Hi, I'm a fan of ToG as well as FFXIV and I'm looking around for new sourcecode to improve our roleplay wiki. And I would like to know what code you're using for the Baam Infobox {{Baam infobox}} (minus the dot) from the Baam Character Page.

    Our admin is very arrogant and won't add anything if it doesn't benefit his own page. I hope to be able to integrate part of that infobox into the source code of the character pages itself without having our admin add stuff.

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  • I've used it on other wikis (example), but I feel it would be more aesthetically pleasing to use slideshows in the image part of the shinsoo technique infoboxes instead of tabber, especially with techniques that feature in multiple images.

    What do you think ?

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    • When it comes to displaying images for the shinsoo techniques placed on the infoboxes I believe that a maximum of two elements shall be presented. If the technique is way complex and elaborated an additional gallery should be added to the bottom of the page displaying the process. Similar rules are applied over many popular wikis such as naruto, dragon ball and fairy tail. You can check the Rasengan, heart dome attack or the fire dragon demolition fist for more info. 

      I believe that the current system we use over here is adequate enough over presenting the images.If you are concerned about aesthetic, I suggest modifying the infobox template 

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    • I see what you're saying bruh. The two element image structure fits fine at the moment anyway (as what was first intended when I made the pages), I was just inspired by pages like Daytime Tiger on Narutopedia and thought they might come in handy on pages like Emerald Sword where there is more than two images in the technique's execution but there is little to mention on the technique itself. Unlike wikis such as Narutopedia, Dragonball and FT, Tower of God isn't full to the brim with various fighting techniques (and many get featured once, never to be seen again) hehehe.

      But I'll go with your decision on the matter ! Cheers ^^

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    • I don't have a firm opinion on the matter. I just think that consistency throughout the wikia should be preserved to some extent.

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