Medina (메디나) was a parasitic Regular that participated in the Workshop Battle by taking control of other Regulars.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle


Medina was chosen as a vanguard in the Workshop Battle's Development Tournament by Devil Bon. It entered the tournament inside another Regular, whom it coerced into getting defeated by Boondawan. After the Regular was killed and dropped in the river, Medina escaped and returned to Devil Bon.


Devil Bon then planted Medina inside Beta so that he could participate in the tournament without breaking the rules. To Devil Bon's surprise, Beta was able to maintain control, despite Medina being inside his body.


Medina's death

Medina's incineration

During the Workshop Battle's semi-finals Beta intended to kill Viole's teammates while holding Medina however, inside the Item Shop, Laure immediately detected the presence of the parasite inside Beta and thus induced vertigo so that Beta vomited the parasite out of his body. Beta tried to recover Medina but it was ultimately incinerated by Yeon Yihwa's flames.

Powers and Abilities

By itself Medina was extremely weak and vulnerable, due to its worm-like form. When put inside a victim, Medina then resided in the brain of its host where it tended to dominate and control those it infested, although a strong enough will could apparently resist its influence. Despite its form, Medina was fully capable of sentient thought.


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