"No way! Those Rankers are too scary! I don't wanna get on his bad side."

Mauchi (머치) was a Regular who got through most of the Second Floor tests and was assigned the Spear Bearer position but eventually failed.

Appearance and Personality

Mauchi was a relatively large guy with brown hair and dark eyes, although he no remarkable features. He wore the uniform given to all Regulars on the Second Floor.

He is a blindingly confident person and quite selfish too. He almost instantly agreed with Parakewl's plan and was then unable to accept he'd failed.

Tower of God: Part 1


He was put on Team B in the Hide-and-Seek test and helped Parakewl come up with a ridiculous plan that involved everyone else sacrificing themselves so they could get the most points.

After Androssi took over the team, he travelled with Hatsu and Parakewl and got beat up by Hatsu for complaining. When Hatsu was attacked by Quant, he ran off with Parakewl instead of backing him up. He then teamed up with Levin to try and get Quant while he was concentrating on Ho, but was easily defeated.

Last Examination

When the results where announced and it turned out that he had failed, he became angry and protested to Yu Han Sung. Yu Han Sung made him come down to where he was, and then snapped his bones with Shinsoo, disabling Mauchi. Mauchi asked Parakewl to help him and was angry when he refused. When Koon came because he also didn't like the rules, Mauchi called him his saviour but Koon just told Yu Han Sung that Mauchi hadn't had enough. He was last seen completely incapacitated.

Powers and Abilities

He is a fairly unintelligent Regular, preferring to follow Parakewl than to come up with his own ideas. He can throw a spear quite well, but has no other special skills.

Alternate Translations

  • (Korean pronunciation) Meo-chi
  • Much
  • Muchy
  • Murchi