Maschenny Style: Lightning Spear Technique is a style created by Maschenny herself. It allows the user to take on the Spear Bearer position without being armed with spears.[1] However, the style is only inherited within a special branch of the Koon Family, so people with the ability to use this technique are few.

With mastery of this style, Maschenny outperforms even a usual High Ranker's Spear Bearer in the same position. When used by a Regular, it seems the technique cannot be used often, because it takes a toll on the user's body.[1] Whether this occurs with users of Ranker-level or even High Ranker-level, remains to be seen.

Notes and Trivia

  • Compared to ordinary Shinsoo manipulation techniques, Lightning Spear techniques are much faster and have higher accuracy.[2]
  • In Ran's case, due to the Lightning Spear technique, his ranking as a Spear Bearer is higher than his ranking as a Fisherman.[2]
  • In Maschenny Zahard's case, her lightning Spear technique is far stronger than a usual High Ranker's spear technique. Of course, the only person who can use the Maschenny-style Lightning Spear technique so proficiently is Maschenny Zahard herself.[2]
  • Maschenny Style : Lightning Spear Technique can only be used by Maschenny's children. There are spells that copy it similarly. But unlike Ran, it doesn't have the same reaction like the electric ball.[3]


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