Octopus Woman Marte[1] (문어인간 마르테, Mun-eoingan Maleute) was a D-rank Regular who was one of the 10 Bosses and a subordinate of Kaiser at the the Name Hunt station.[1] She was killed by Androssi Zahard.

Appearance and Personality

Marte is an imposing half-woman half-octopus being. She has long hair that flows upwards, dark purple scales that cover her shoulders, breasts and parts of her face and seems to wear a skirt-like garment upon which a multitude of long, thick octopus tentacles come from underneath. Overall, Marte has a purple colour scheme.

While Marte is confident in her own power, she understands her limits.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The 'Name Hunt' Station

When Androssi arrived at her area, Marte asked if she was one of the Boss hunters and Androssi confirmed. After Androssi annihilated her servant army, she directly attacked Marte, using Laure as diversion to impale her through the neck. Marte said that being impaled through the neck wouldn't be enough to kill her before binding Androssi in her tentacles. Noting that she wouldn't be strong enough to kill Androssi, she mentioned she could steal her name instead and prepared to do so, only for Androssi to destroy her with a Bong Bong-enhanced kick to the abdomen.

Powers and Abilities

Marte can be assumed to have been a powerful D-rank Regular in her own right, being one of the 10 Bosses of the Name Hunt station, however she was not at the level of a Zahard Princess, noting that with her strength she wouldn't have been able to kill Androssi.[1] She was able to survive being impaled through the neck and noted it wouldn't be enough to kill her as she was an "octopus woman".[1]

Notes and Trivia

  • It is unknown whether "Marte" is her real name or a name she had stolen or been given.
  • Prior to her death, she had the most servants of the 10 Bosses.[1]


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