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The Manbarondenna (만바론데나, manbalondena) is a weapon-like suitcase used by Khun Aguero Agnis during Part I of Tower of God series.


Manbarondenna, "the entertaining and amazing magical cloning bag", was part of the famed collection that belonged to Khun Eduan, until Khun Aguero Agnis plundered his father's "treasure hoard" before coming to the Tower.[1] It was later given to Sunwoo Nare.


The item possesses numerous functions, including:

Khun sucks up Catan with his briefcase

  • Pocket Dimension: The briefcase can hold large amounts of objects inside it easily. It can even suck up enemies.
  • Cloning: The bag can make copies of any non-alive object placed inside. There are still materials that cannot be copied (most material in 2nd Floor couldn't be copied).
  • Elasticity: The handle can stretch huge lengths. It possesses a number of abilities including the ability to shrink down and store a number of objects.

Also, Manbarondenna is a sturdy device, which can resist knife blows and bullets. Khun uses it as both a shield and a blunt weapon during the first season of Tower of God.

Notes and Trivia

  • When Khun reveals that he can copy objects with his bag, he says "Annara Sumanara~" (안나라 수마나라) which is the Korean equivalent of the English "Abracadabra". "Annara sumanara" is commonly used when inciting a spell, although it holds no real meaning. "Annara Sumanara" is also an extremely famous webcomic in Korea, whose author is respected by many other webcomic authors. The touching story revolves around a magician who claims to know what "real magic" is, and the incantation he uses in his magic acts is "Annara Sumanara".

Alternate Translations

  • (Korean pronunciation) Mahn-bah-ron-deh-nah
  • Manbarondena



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