Madoraco (마도라코) is a High Ranker with the sobriquet "Grey Catfish" known for being a master businessman. He was working with Io and Punk raising money from the tournament for their Workshop research but betrayed them in the end. A silhouette that looks like him was shown among part of the FUG faction that oppose Jyu Viole Grace gaining Enryu's Thorn.

Appearance and Personality

He's a very short man, has pale pink hair that is combed back and a pair of black horns protrude from his head. His skin is pale, his eyes are yellow and he has a huge mark in his mouth that makes him seem to have a smile at all times. Also he dresses in a black suit, which together with the wand he carries, gives him the appearance of a magician.

He is the Grey Catfish Merchant Association leader and an expert businessman. He is a calculating man and is particularly interested in money. According to Io and Punk, he is allied with dangerous people.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle


Madoraco appeared before the Workshop moderators telling them they could earn a lot of money to complete their research by using a betting system in the Workshop Battle and not to worry about if the director found out, as he would take care of everything. He Then told his subordinates that soon Jyu Viole Grace would be in their hands.

His silhouette was later seen among the Slayers and Elders in FUG who opposed the young Slayer candidate in being granted Enryu's Thorn.


Madoraco watched on and mused about how Viole's friends were attempting to escape during the Workshop Battle and thought about making a move even if there would be some collateral damage. Suddenly one of Madoraco's subordinates entered his room to tell him that a messenger from the Tournament area had arrived causing the Grey Catfish to question who the messenger was. He and the messenger, later revealed to be Beniamino Cassano, make a trade and later Madoraco conversed with his attendant, saying that the information they received from Reflejo via Cassano was more useful than holding the deal with the Workshop Researchers. He then ordered them to prepare the solution as they were going to strike Viole and his allies before they could escape. He finished by saying it was time to end the tournament.

Shortly after Viole defeated Reflejo, Madoraco sent one of his Rankers to the Archimedes' tail to drop the dissolving solution to create their ultimate weapon. Seeing the solution being dropped, Punk and Io confronted Madoraco with the latter revealing that he had given their promised reward to someone else, since he had received a better offer. The two Workshop moderators were riled and drew their weapons but Madoraco easily defeated them.

Soon after, a figure appeared and greeted Madoraco, greatly unnerving him. This figure turns out to be Po Bidau Gustang, one of the leaders of the ten families. After conversing about Gustang's involvement in the current affairs, Madoraco told all his FUG associates to withdraw and meet back at their headquarters before Gustang destroyed them all.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Floor of Death

Hwa Ryun explained that his group and he were the ones who had Viole's Thorn fragment carried out of the Floor of Death. She added that he was rumoured to have another of the fragments, and as his relationship with FUG had deteriorated after the Workshop Battle, he was looking for a buyer.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Madoraco is a High Ranker who probably possesses a decent level of power. He was able to effortlessly take out Io and Punk during the latter events of the Development Tournament.

Notes and Trivia

Alternate Translations

  • (LINE Webtoon) Madorako
  • (LINE Webtoon) Catfish


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