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Mad Shocker is a Spear created by The Workshop and currently in possession of Rak Wraithraiser.

Appearances and Design

The Mad Shocker Spear appear to be ordinary normal Spear which usually used for long distance throwing.[1] The most notable design of the spear is the neck part where it has double cross diagonal shape bind together with the spearhead.


The Mad Shocker was purchased by Rak Wraithraiser at the Item Summoning Center during the events of the Development Tournament of the 30F Workshop Battle after Beta was defeated by Jyu Viole Grace inside the Item Summoning Center.[1] Yeon Yihwa was the one who suggested Rak to buy a new Spear.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

The Workshop Battle: Closure

Rak throw Mad Shocker to Reflejo

After Rak purchased the Mad Shocker, he immediately used it during the fight against Reflejo. Combined with the coordinated attack and strategy from Khun Aguero Agnis, the Mad Shocker was proven to be quite capable in cornering and distracting the enemy. Mad Shocker also almost scored a direct hit on Reflejo before he evades it. When Reflejo was distracted with the Mad Shocker spear, Khun Aguero used his chance to grab the only hostage, Hwa Ryun, with the White Heavenly Mirror.[2]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Name Hunt Station

Rak throwing Mad Shocker to attack Name Hunt Station Guard Bears

When Team Baam arrived at the Name Hunt Station, the team who were consisted of Jyu Viole Grace, Khun Aguero Agnis, Rak Wraithraiser, Hwa Ryun, Yeon Yihwa, Sachi Faker, Boro, and Phonsekal Irure met several 'Guard Bears' who guarded the path to the station. After Sachi initiated the first attack with his Rose Vines spell, Rak threw the Mad Shocker spear to clear the path.[3]

After the members of Team Baam decided to split and lead several groups of the 'No-Named' Regulars in order to search for the Ten Bosses' hideout, Rak's Group accidentally encountered the 'genius swordsman' Arie Inieta, the most strongest ten bosses who refused to hide by Kaiser's order. Rak then start fighting Inieta, exchange several blows with each of their spear and sword.[4][5] The Mad Shocker spear was able to blocked Inieta's sword, but eventually, Rak was defeated because he is no match for the Arie Swordsmanship.[6]

Powers and Abilities

Mad Shocker is a throwing spear[1] that moving in a zigzag form as it is thrown and has a higher destructive power than a normal spear.[7] It is likely to be at least an E-rank weapon considering his current level. Despite Mad Shocker being designed to be a throwing spear, the item is good for both offence and defense.[8]

  • The Mad Shocker can exchange blow with the sword of Arie Inieta.

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