The Great Father Macseth (멕세스, Meksehseu; alternatively read "Mexcess") is a weaponscrafter and is also known as "Father of Workshop" (the Gong Bang). After crafting the White Oar, Macseth stopped crafting weapons. It is unknown why, or if he kept creating other objects such as Pockets.[1]


Macseth was indigenous to the Tower before Zahard and the Great Warriors entered the Tower. And he was critical in helping them climb The Tower. It can be said almost everything that can be called "science" in the Tower originates from him.

He is the founder and leader of the Gong Bang.

His Children

He has four artificially created "children" by the name of Max, Mai, Mad and May and each holds the title of Great Teacher within the Gong Bang.

Inventions and Creations

Macseth manufactured numerous item over as a weaponscrafter. The only known devices he has made are:

Notes and Trivia

  • He is the first non-Irregular able to create life.
  • His status in The Tower is unknown.
  • A Pocket translates all languages of the Tower to Macseth language.
  • He is probably named after the footballer Philippe Mexès[3], a French international.


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