Macha (마샤) is a Regular that participated in the Workshop Battle. He was a member of Miya's Team Snake, along with Paul Belkrohn.

Personality and Appearance

Macha is a pale, bald man of regular height, dressed in a brown coat, whose face is covered by the conical hat he wears.

He has shown a strong disdain for Jyu Viole Grace, as well as any other Regulars who oppose him. He appears quite arrogant and mean-spirited towards everyone except Paul. He does not belong to any particular side, only joining Team Snake because he was getting paid.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

Battle x Gamble

He was seen very briefly with Paul Belkrohn commenting on how the rumours about Jyu Viole Grace would all be revealed soon, as the latter entered alongside the rest of his team.


After being paid by Miya to kill the members of Team Tangsooyook, Macha, Paul Belkrohn and another Regular joined her team. During a break in the Development Tournament, they were overhead bad-mouthing Viole by Wangnan, Akraptor and Rak. When the second part of the tournament began, he and Belkrohn faced off with Yihwa and Rak. Macha managed to hold off Rak in his compressed form, but when Rak returned to his final size and helped to disable Belkrohn, Macha was finally defeated by Rak.

Powers and Abilities

Macha possesses an umbrella-like weapon similar to that of Hon Akraptor, which he uses to defend himself for close range and then counter-attack with Shinsoo.[1] He also uses a long, thing blade, which Rak noted was incredibly sharp.[2]

He relies on his agility in combat, usually dashing behind or to the side of his opponents while Belkrohn attacks from the front.


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