Lurker Cash's logo and their promises

Lurker Cash is a company that focuses on giving loans to Regulars, so that they are able to take the tests on the 20th Floor. Ja Wangnan describes them as one of the monsters that prey on those who don't succeed and eat their dreams.[1]

Business Strategy


The agreement Wangnan was forced to sign

Lurker Cash lends money to Regulars so that they can pay the test fee. However, there is a high gap between the difficulty of the tests on the previous Floors and the 20th Floor tests, so many people fail. The more these failing Regulars retry to take the test and fail, the more money they have to spend, which will eventually lead them to borrow money from Lurker Cash. Once they are severely indebted, Lurker Cash will propose life-threatening offers, such as the so-called "Cosmetic Surgeries" which was, in fact, nothing more than just organ removal.[1] Their employees are assumed to use physical violence in order to constrain their clients to sign the agreement.[1]


Lurker Cash2

Dark Side of Lurker Cash

For the light side of the business the slogan is:
We'll fund your dreams! Regulars examination fee - premium loans! (point conversion available)
*We'll hide anywhere our client needs*

For the dark side of the business the slogan is:
We'll be burrowed anywhere the client is hiding

Known Employees

Organisational Structure

Very little is known about the company’s organisation structure. One thing that isn't known is whether Lurker Cash is a subsidiary or if it is the name of the company as a whole. One thing that is known is that Prince is the son of the company's president and Prince himself is able to exert at least some authority over the company's employees.

Notes and Trivia

  • The company name, logo and slogan is based on a Starcraft unit: the Zerg Lurker. "We'll be burrowed anywhere the client is hiding" is a joke about how Zerg Lurkers attack enemy units with spikes when burrowed. The crab-like logo is a lurker, and even the president has spikes that make him resemble a lurker.
  • The company name and logo's overall shape is a parody of Rush&Cash, a famous Korean private loan company.


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