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Lunch and Tag is the seventh episode of Season 1 of the Tower of God anime.

Official Synopsis

Several days have passed since Anaak and Endorsi's feud came to a total stop. As the next "Tag" test is about to begin, dark clouds begin gathering around Bam again.[1]

Detailed Summary

Adapted from crunchyroll recap

Once a woman becomes a Princess of Jahad, certain aspects of normal life are forbidden, like having children. And yet, Anaak's mother did, with a humble chicken pie chef. This makes Anaak a crime. The power of King Jahad given to Anaak's mother was passed to her daughter when she was born. Anaak was not chosen. This is why she is an imposter. Endorsi and Anaak's fight ends in a draw, both fighters tumbling off the platform at the same time. With their fight behind them, Endorsi admits Anaak was nice to her and asks if she ever regretted breaking the rule of Jahad's law. No. Anaak doesn't think so. They had a happy family life ... while it lasted.

Meanwhile, in Bam's class, Hoh is struggling using his Shinsu and becomes angry when he learns Lauroe has been helping Bam after Bam washed his drooly pillow after Serena got a hold of it. That's all right for Hoh, he later receives a mysterious message from someone claiming they can help him climb the Tower. Bam's friend-making continues as Shibisu and Hatsu are in need of two more friends before today's deadline. If they can't pull this off, they'll fail their tests. Bam helps them to reach their goal, recruiting bribing seriously injured Endorsi and Anaak with food deliveries.

Soon the friend-making is put on hold for the next test: a game of tag. The goal? Take the token from whoever is "It" or help the It escape. Bam ends up on the opposite team from most of his friends, who have chosen Khun as their It. Quant — the Administrator/It for Bam's team — enters into a fight with several of Khun's teammates single-handedly. It looks like he is easily winning but the rest of the Administrators are aware of Quant's main flaw: He gets reckless when he's angry.



Changes from Webtoon

Show / Hide Changes
  • Endorsi says she met the original Anaak Jahad, which would mean Endorsi is older than Anaak, while in the webtoon it is said that Anaak is older than Endorsi.
  • When Bam goes to bribe Endorsi with food, Hatz comes along with him to get her signature.
  • Anaak is shown being bribed into signing Shibisu's and Hatz's friends list with chicken pie. In the webtoon she's seen refusing to sign it in a brief and humorous scene and is not clear if Shibisu eventually convinced her to do it.
  • Yuga's explanation of Baangs, Myun, and Soo are skipped in the anime.
  • Bam destroys 3 ballons with one baang rather than destroy two ballons with two baangs and being unable to destroy the third with the third baang.
  • The scene with Bam finding Lauroe's pillow is expanded in the anime, with him pointing out that Serena was sleeping and drooling on it. Bam takes a bag of coffee beans and gives to Lauroe temporarily while he washes Lauroe's pillow.
  • The content of the letter that Hoh received is not shown in the anime, instead the envelope is just shown to say "Do you want to climb the tower?".
  • Full Black is not shown getting out of his room after Hoh's startled reaction from discovering the letter. Hoh also does not scream and heads back inside in silence.
  • Rachel is shown buying only a rotten apple, with 70% discount, while in the webtoon she orders takout, which is more expensive than just ordering the meal.
  • Hoh's backstory is expanded upon. His race is implied to be hunted for their horns, instead of people being killed in front of him while he did his Shinsu tricks.
  • As Levin was eliminated earlier in the anime, Kukaku Rakukakuka takes his place as the third Light Bearer in Team B.
  • Des Lion is replaced by Green Phil as the third Fisherman in Team B.
  • Hwa Ryun is on Team B, and Grey is on Team A.
  • Leon 3 is knocked unconscious by Quant, who invaded his Lighthouse right at the start of the Tag game, whereas in the webtoon he simply failed to slow him down as part of the first line of defense.
  • Yuri is called "Jahad's Imp" instead of Effenberg of Jahad in the webtoon.

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