Louie was in the Dog Shelter until Baam came and rescued him. He is currently with Baam's team.[1]


He was born on the same year, same date, and the same time as Deng Deng. He was assigned as Deng Deng's slave, but he was treated as a friend by him instead. After the both escaped from Baylord Yama, they decided to climb the tower, but did not do so together at the same time. Deng Deng later gets caught and is sent to the Dog Shelter.

Appearance and Personality

He has dark blue hair and dark blue eyes. He is seen with his hoodie that is also dark blue.

He wants true freedom, not only for himself but also for Deng Deng. 

Tower of God: Part 3 - Deng Deng

He appears in episode 1 while Xia Lulu is trying to capture him and he successfully escapes with Baam's help. Then he joins with Baam's team and helps to find Deng Deng.

Power and Abilities

None of his power and abilities has been shown, but he's described as being not that strong.


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