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Would you like to try and find out? Let's see whether or not a failure like me can defeat you and that sword of yours!!

—Yorayo To White.[2]

Lo Po Bia Yorayo (로 포비아 요 라요, lo Po Bia Yolayo) is a High Ranker and one of the Division Commanders of the new 4th Army Corp, serving under Po Bidau Lyborick Khun's command.[2]

Appearances and Personality

Yorayo has green skin and yellow fiery eyes with blue scleras. His head is shaped in a way that resembles a beetle, with a single horn on the top of it. Initially, he had 4 pairs of arms, but that changes when his fight starts, as he grows many others in the heat of the battle.

Before growing many arms and destroying his own clothes, he appears wearing a red-white patterned robe, gray pants, and boots. He also wears a pair of big blue-yellow patterned earrings.


Tower of God: Part 3

The Second Defensive Wall

Four division commanders of the new 4th Army Corp under Po Bidau Lyborick Khun assembled in Raven flagship. Those division commanders are Yorayo, Unnamed Three Mouthed Giant, Aria and a mysterious white haired guy. They received an order from Lyborick to participate on Yasratcha's Gakja Dosaeng game.[4]


Yorayo VS White

During the game inside The Cat Tower, Yorayo showed up in the distance introducing himself to White who was just about to catch "the mouse" he found. Right after that, he tried to persuade the 10th Slayer into changing sides, since he had already restored his power into what it was before he was defeated. His offer is refused, so he jumps in the mouse's direction to bait White into attacking him. Right before landing a hit on his opponent, the famous sword of the Arie family is caught by Yorayo's bare hands. Yorayo then proceeds to explain his origins.

He claims to be a "somewhat different" from humans. He is an experiment created by The Workshop after mixing humans and other things, such as objects, animals and machines. The goal on doing that is creating soldiers who can break some of the Tower's laws. He explains that the concept comes from the fact that other species have more lenience in regards to how the rules of the Tower are applied, using the example of how humans cannot pass to the next floor without passing the test, but objects can. Yorayo himself is a mix of humans and objects who can "catch anything". He calls himself the natural enemy of the Arie family, and taunts White after White calls him a failed experiment made by people with an inferiority complex.

White then attacked him with multiple slashes from different directions. In order to defend himself, Yorayo grew multiple arms on his back and caught all of those slashes, ripping his clothes in the process. Surviving the attacks, Yorayo provoked him again, saying that White's sword can't hit him and that there is no reason to fear something he is able to block. White told him to look back and, as the Commander followed the advice, even more slashes than before keep coming at his direction, even then, he was able to block all of them, only to realise that an even greater number of slashes are going to his direction. Confused and unable to catch all of them this time, all of his arms were cut off, and after losing and regaining consciousness multiple times, he realised that the law of White's sword is too strong against someone who is "a bit off" the laws. Before dying, Yorayo seemed happy to hear that he was able to hurt White's pride after blocking his first attack.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Yorayo is said to be able to "catch anything". This is because he is the result of an experiment mixing humans with catching objects in the Tower. This allows him to slightly be outside of the Tower's rules, such as the saying that the Arie Swordsmanship cannot be caught. This ability allowed him to catch White's sword slashes with his bare hands, even though White had recovered his power to his prime.

He is also able to grow more arms through all of his torso, multiplying the previous ability's effects, although he doesn't seem to be able to regenerate them once they are cut off.

Spell of Immortality (Incomplete)

Due to the inherently unstable nature of his powers, Yorayo alongside Aria and the Unnamed Three Mouthed Giant were bound to someone possessing a "Special Body" with an Incomplete Spell of Immortality that allowed him to absorb them into himself when they die and after a period of time, revive them again by expelling them from his body. This ability essentially granted Yorayo a level of immortality as this allowed him to revive repeatedly even if he should be killed in battle or "expire". [5]

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