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Lo Po Bia Yool (로 포 비아 율) is a C-Rank Regular from the Lo Po Bia Family[1] and his position is a Scout. He is currently working with orders from his Captain to follow the Irregular Twenty-Fifth Baam. He was the one who told Baam that Zahard's Army will imprison Ha Jinsung in The Nest.

His team is unknown, but one of his confirmed teammates is Kell. He is also apparently acquainted with Levy, and it is implied that he is part of a crew sponsored by the Zahard Family.[2]

Appearance & Personality

He has short white hair and slightly grey eyes. He has a snake coming down from his hair. He has shown himself to be somewhat arrogant and quite confident, taunting Baam multiple times and taking him on in a fight without hesitation. He often squints as he smiles, adopting a sly and cheeky demeanor.


Tower of God: Part 3

Deng Deng (Arc)

He was first shown to poisoned Yeon Yihwa and Hong Danhwa. He then ordered his teammate Kell to shut Yihwa up when she is not completely poisoned.[2] Later, he challenged Baam to fight. He lost to Baam after he failed to poison him with his Snake Spell skill, then admitted defeat and mentioned that he is holding Yihwa as a hostage. He uses her to negotiate with Baam, putting himself and Kell on his team and traveling with him to rescue Deng Deng in exchange for giving Baam Jinsung's location at a later time.

He later sneaks into the Regular Arena on 52F with Lo Po Bia Elaine, Louie, Kell and Hockney, killing two attack dogs and making his way to the control tower. There, he lowers the barrier protecting the arena as Baam breaks Deng Deng out of his cell, then prepares an escape ship to carry the party away as he blasts away the arena's wall with the ship's cannon. 

After their escape, Yool is very excited to journey forth to Yama's lair, but is shocked and contemplative when he learns that he cannot enter himself.

Defensive Battle

After The Boss suddenly revealed his disguise as a soldier in front of Lo Po Bia Orari inside The Frozen Waterfall, the Branch Leader Lo Po Bia Yorari quickly went to continue searching for Baam. But he was intercepted by Yool. Yorari then noticed that Yool is a member of their family, the Snake Family and asked why Yool stood on his way. Yool quickly brings out a mysterious flute. Yorari was very surprised as to why an item of Lo Po Bia Family Head was in the possession of Yool.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Yool, as a Scout, generally prefers hand-to-hand combat, getting up close and using a variety of spinning-based martial arts. This style and his spell also demonstrate competence at stealth operations.


After Yool was revealed to be a member of the snake branch family of the Lo Po Bia Family, it is obvious that he is also an Anima who has ability to control animals. He controlled a white snake on his hair.

  • Snake Spell:A special Spell skill that takes the form of two white snakes dangling from his hair accessories. Upon activation, a snake opens its mouth and stretches from Yool's hair, turning red as it bites its victim. When its fangs pierce the skin, the snake spell injects a poison that will paralyze and kill its target. This spell does not work on Baam.[3]

Engineering Skills

Yool's technical prowess allows him to pilot floating ships and quickly grasp technical infrastructure, demonstrated when he takes control of Yama's Regular Arena's control tower to help Baam escape with Deng Deng. 

Notes and Trivia


  • (To Yeon Yihwa) "Because you are Jue Viole Grace's companions, obviously. I guess you could say, you picked the wrong guy to make friends with."[5]
  • (To Viole) "Take us with you to go save your master. If you do, we will let the hostages go. I know it sounds crazy, but it wouldn't hurt you to let us come with you. We know where they are keeping Jinsung Ha. If you take us with you, we will show you where he is."[6]
  • (To Viole) "We will keep our promise if you bring us with you. I never lie."[4]




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