When Yasratcha first came to the Lo Po Bia Family... Everyone called him a nameless pet cat. All he ever did was sit next to the leader of the family and act cute. But it turns out... He was a wild beast.

Baylord Doom describing Yasratcha.[1]

Lo Po Bia Yasratcha (로 포 비아 야스라챠, Lo Po Bia Yaseulachya) is a member of the Lo Po Bia Family and a High Ranker. He is shown to be the commander of the Fifth Army Corp of Zahard's Army.

Appearance and Personality

He has pale skin with long blue hair, from which two brown cat ears emerge and he has a long leopard's tail. Yasratcha eyes consist of a narrow red pupil surrounded by a layer of blue and then green, with two spikes on either side of the iris.

He likes to employ schemes, preferring to destroy the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence by collapsing it from the inside and then blaming it on the chairman, instead of just outright attacking the wall.[2] Yasratcha's laziness can be at sadistic levels, as he sarcastically told Yama to kill himself so that he would spare the Canine People. However, Yasratcha's demeanour doesn't seem to extend to his allies in the Army, being highly loyal and respectful to Zahard to the point of calling himself a lowly being compared to the King of the Tower and additionally he seems to be rather sympathetic to Kallavan's plight after his demotion and failure, openly asking him what he would like to be called and telling him to not be so formal, even encouraging him that he would get back his rank anyway. He is also shown to respect bravery, as he saved Lo Po Bia Fucile after he bravely fought Yama and acknowledged his determination. He also was willing to obey the order to retreat despite wanting to dispatch Baylord Yama, instead mind-controlling the canine people to scare him off.

Powers and Abilities

As the Commander of the Fifth Army Corps of Zahard's Army, Lo Po Bia Yasratcha is clearly an extremely powerful High Ranker. His strength is acknowledged by Baylord Doom, one of the top 200 Rankers, to be superior to his own, and he proved to be able to easily defend himself against the likes of Evankhell and Baylord Yama's complete transformation, though Yama was exhausted. Another proof to his strength was how he was entrusted with capturing or killing the extremely powerful war hero Cha.

  • Immense Physical Abilities: Yasratcha was strong and fast enough to easily outpace Yama using Complete Transformation and land attacks that gouged Yama all over his body.
  • Shinsu Mastery: He was able to create a shield of white-fur like shinsu strong enough to easily block Evankhell's flame.
  • Anima: As one of the members of the Lo Po Bia Family, it seems that Yasratcha also seems to be able to control animals just like other members of Lo Po Bia Family. He controls a giant cat with light blue eyes.[2]
  • Yasratcha-Style Mind Control - Daze: Yasratcha is able to summon fur that will swirl around and cover his enemies in the middle. With this, Yasratcha was able to take control over Yama, making him punch himself, and was also able to affect the entire canine people in the cage, making them go into a frenzy and kill each other. According to Yasratcha, he was able to take control over them due to the "blood" that Yasratcha gave them.[3]

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Notes and Trivia


The source of the misunderstanding.

  • Baylord Doom was shown to be holding a grudge against Lo Po Bia Yasratcha and his family in a flashback that Baam saw, due to what Lo Po Bia Yasratcha did to Doom's father. [4]
  • It was originally thought that Yasratcha was the Family Head of the Lo Po Bia Family due to him being reference by Baylord Doom alongside the 10 Family Heads.[4] However, this was disproven by SIU on his Twitter, where he described this assumption as a huge misunderstanding.[5][6]
  • In the original korean, Baylord Doom describes Yasratcha's eyes as "Watermelon-like Eyes", which was cut from the Line Webtoon, where they translated it to just "Amber Eyes".[7]


  • (To Yama) "You're under my command now, Baylord Yama. Because the 'blood' I gave you.. flows through your body.".
  • (To Yama) "Didn't Doom tell you? Maybe ignorance is bliss, to lost mutts like you guys, I mean.".[3]
  • (To Evankhell) "Listen. If you set this guy on fire. I'll fight you myself. Or can you? How disappointing.. I was really looking forward to seeing that burn.".[9]



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