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When Yasratcha first came to the Lo Po Bia Family... Everyone called him a nameless pet cat. All he ever did was sit next to the leader of the family and act cute. But it turns out... He was a wild beast.

Baylord Doom describing Yasratcha.[1]

Lo Po Bia Yasratcha (로 포 비아 야스라챠, Lo Po Bia Yaseulachya) is a High Ranker from Lo Po Bia Family who holds a high military rank in Zahard's Army as the "Corps Commander" of the 5th Army Corp. Yasratcha was first shown in the Battle of The Second Wall of Peaceful Coexistence where he was deployed by the Zahard Empire Military to subdue the ancient war hero Cha.[2]

Before he can complete his mission on the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence (Peace Council), Yasratcha was ordered by The Military HQ to abandon his mission and retreat in order to prepare for Battle of The Nest.[3]

Notes and Trivia

The source of the misunderstanding.

  • Yasratcha was initially thought by the readers to be the Lo Po Bia Family Head due to him being mentioned by Baylord Doom alongside the word of "10 Family Heads".[4] However, SIU had clarified and stated many times on his Twitter and blog, where he described this assumption as a huge misunderstanding.[5][6]
  • Baylord Doom holds a big grudge against him due to what Yasratcha did to Doom's father.[4]
  • In the original Korean Hangul, Baylord Doom described Yasratcha's eyes as "Watermelon-like Eyes", which was mistranslated by the LINE Webtoon, where it was translated to "Amber Eyes".[7]
  • SIU describes Yasratcha's abilities as making him one of the most well balanced fighters among all the characters we've seen until now and that while in terms of a one-on-one combat alone, Kallavan would have the advantage, it would be different if the field of battle is also considered. He also comments on Yama having a hard time against Yasratcha, stating that the overall fight is in Yama's disadvantage as not only is Yama suffering a debuff when they faced off but in terms of skill Yasratcha is also slightly above Yama, made worse by hw Yasratcha knows many of the secrets of the Canines race.[8]
  • SIU considers Yasratcha as being less of a villain but more like Yama's rival. An inevitable enemy that Yama must fight. It would be better, if instead of having a decisive winner or loser, Yama can learn more about himself as a character and growing as he fights with Yasratcha.[8]


  • (To Baylord Yama) "I respected Fucile for not backing down and cowering in fear, even before the man who calls himself King of The Canine People".[9]
  • (To Yama) "You're under my command now, Baylord Yama. Because the 'blood' I gave you.. flows through your body."[9]
  • (To Yama) "Didn't Doom tell you? Maybe ignorance is bliss, to lost Mutts like you guys, I mean."[10]
  • (To Evankhell) "Listen. If you set this guy on fire. I'll fight you myself. Can you do it? How disappointing.. I was really looking forward to seeing him burn."[11]
  • (To Khun Maschenny Zahard) "Princess, we may all gathered here together, but it will not be easy for any of us to stop the FUG firepower on our own. So I prepared a little game where each of us can find a suitable opponent to fight. You can look forward to it. It's gonna be fun."[12]
  • (To FUG forces) "Now listen up, you brave souls. To match everyone up with their best suited opponent, we're gonna play a game."[12]
  • (Thinking about Twenty-Fifth Baam) "Is he an Irregular? This is my first time seeing an Irregular aside from Lord Zahard and the 10 Great Families leaders. He doesn't look much different from us. I would have never guessed he is an Irregular if no one told me."[13]
  • (To Kallavan) "I never think we would ended up facing each other as an enemy like this, former Army Corp Commander Kallavan. I apologize on behalf of the Army. I had no idea Lyborick was up to something like this. We are in the 5th Army Corp have no grudge against you, so we'd rather not fight."[14]
  • (To Yama in Gakja Dosaeng game) "I'll tell you in on a little secret, Yama. The enemies in these prisons are species that I have captured, brainwashed and dominated. Just like you Canines and hostages. I promised to set them free if they can hold you back for one turn."[15]
  • (To Yama) "I was locked in the prison this whole time so I could be summoned onto the field too. I didn't want to just sit around waiting for you. Well? Do you like your gift? You finally have the chance to kill your race's nemesis. But only until the time runs out. If you run out of time, you won't get a second chance. Are you scared?"[16]
  • (To Yama) "If I don't have right to talk about your father, then no one in this Tower does !!"[8]
  • (To Yama) "When you were very young, after your father died, I found your brother Doom trying to run away to save you. Paul was just a baby. You were young and clueless. You were in such a deep sleep that you didn't even wake up. When I found all of you, I decided to plant an eternal fear in you. And that day, I planted a Fang in your body which could bind you forever. Ever since that night, you have been destined to be dominated by me. The same goes for all Canines too, of course, not just you. You Canines will never escape, my grasp !!"[8]
  • (To Yama) "Do you know what distinguishes animals that can never be tamed? Tamed animals want comfort. But untamable animals want freedom more than comfort. But this world has rules. Even animals that desire freedom must submit to the laws of nature. In nature, even a wild beast pisses itself and backs down when it encounters an even more powerful beast. You're like a newborn puppy that just come into this world, trembling with fear."[8]
  • (To Yama) "Do you know what people call the emotion you're feeling right now? That feeling that you're so much smaller than your opponent. With chills running down your body, leaving you feeling completely helpless and weak. It's something you've never felt before. It's called fear."[8]



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