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To be honest, I've been quite bored recently, ever since receiving Zahard's protection... No-one would ever challenge me!

—Lo Po Bia Ren to Yu Han Sung

Lo Po Bia Ren (로 포 비아 렌, Lo Po Bia Len) is a Ranker and also a member of the Royal Enforcement Division, serving as Unit #67.[1] During the events of Part I, Ren posed as the Wave Controller instructor on the Second Floor, Yuga (유가, Yuga), in order to retrieve the Green April and to dispose of Anak Zahard. He is also the one that killed Anak's mother. Being a member of the Lo Po Bia Family, he's currently using his position to promote the Lo Po Bia Family's Princess. By his own admission, he is the youngest member of Royal Enforcement Division.

Appearance and Personality

In his Yuga suit, he looked like a big ball of rice, with little legs poking out from under him. His eye(s) are in his mouth, similar to Headon. Inside his wool covering, Ren is a small, pale-skinned humanoid, although his face is never shown clearly and he sometimes appears obscured with monstrous features. Then again, his real body was never seen and the one that encountered Yuri was just a container.

He enjoys eating doughnuts using three long tongues. He is extremely manipulative and sadistic. He despises having less "power" than anyone and, as a result, he often tries to manipulate Zahard's Princesses by threatening to use his position as a member of RED. He was extremely pleased with Baam's progress during training and boasted to the other Position instructors that he found "a lottery ticket", referring to the fact that Baam was either useless or game-changing in the joint test.

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Tower of God: Part 1

Position Test

He was introduced as Yuga, instructor for the Wave Controllers. He taught the Regulars how to form a contract with the Guardian of the Floor before teaching them the basics of Shinsu.

Zahard's Princess

He observed as Ho and Baam each popped two balls with shinsu blasts.


Ren (as Yuga) watched Baam make astounding progress in a short space of time, praising his potential and comparing it to his own. He then watched Ho's performance and noted that one cannot control shinsu properly if they weren't in the right frame of mind.

He then watched Team's A and B in the Hide-and-Seek test and commented on various aspects concerning the Regulars in the test, in particular calling Baam a "lottery ticket".

Submerged Fish

True identity.PNG

Ren moved to a deserted area to secretly communicate with his superiors and tell them he would retrieve both the Black March and Green April as well as noting that Baam was talented enough to become a part of RED. Just then Yu Han Sung appeared, catching him talking to his superiors. They prepared to fight each other, each showing their Shinheuh, but at the last minute Yu Han Sung stopped the fight and told him that he would help him with his mission. What Ren did not know was that Yu Han Sung only used Ren so Zahard would think Baam was dead.

Last Examination

During the start of the Submerged Fish Hunt Test Ren sent the Bull out to draw Anak to him. The Bull, hiding its real strength, was initially defeated by both Anak and Androssi before fleeing and luring the two to chase after it. The Bull, using its true power, managed to catch Androssi and brought her to Ren whilst Anak stumbled upon Ren himself.

Taking her Green April

Ren goaded Anak into attacking him before easily subduing her and later, both her and Androssi together, with his Shinheuh. Before he could finish them off, Ship Leesoo appeared with Yuri Zahard. Yuri intimidated Ren for attacking her younger sisters and Ren, unable to hold back his battle-lust, involuntarily released his Shinheuh at the Princess, however, they were all annihilated in the blink of an eye. Saying it was now self-defence, Yuri attempted to flick Ren on the head but he dodged before the attack could hit. Ren then tried to manipulate Yuri by using his status as a RED member, but Yuri retorted by using her status as a Princess. Yuri then backed off, to Ren's satisfaction, however, the RED member soon found himself put under a lot of pressure before he was attacked by a powerful Dansul-based attack destroying his container. Before his 'body' died, he told them all that he had sent the Bull to kill Baam as he could not let an Irregular climb the Tower.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The 'Name Hunt' Station

Aware of Androssi Zahard helping the fugitive Anak Zahard in climbing the Tower, Lilial Zahard from the Lo Po Bia Family contacted Androssi and proposed a game between them: if she went to the Name Hunt station and took Kaiser's name, the Lo Po Bia Family would not interfere with Anak ever again and they would even hand over Lo Po Bia Ren's life.

Powers and Abilities

Lo Po Bia Ren is a powerful Wave Controller and Anima.[2] While posing as Yuga, Ren told Baam that people called him a genius for being able to create his first baang after only two years of Shinsu training.[3] He is also able to use "containers" to fight with, allowing him to battle from far away even if his container is killed.[4]

Shinsu Beams: Ren has the ability to fire Shinsu beams from his mouth.[5]

Anima: As a member of the Lo Po Bia Family, Ren is also an Anima capable of controlling several Shinheuh, notably a Bull. Ren uses his woolly exterior as a Bowl to store the countless Shinheuh that he controls.


Ren has two mysterious floating objects. One can shoot Shinsu like a laser beam and has a defensive shield. The other one hides in the dark spot behind the first object. This second object has a sharp tentacle for melee attacks. According to Ren, he has modified this object in order to make it more dangerous.[6] This object might be an Observer because it behaves like a drone and Ren does not control it.

Notes and Trivia

  • He was called the "Perverted RED guy" and "Rice Ball" by Evan Edrok, after he was defeated.[7]
  • He seems to control 2 Observers, although there's no confirmation whether he is also a Scout or not.

Alternate Translations

  • Lo Po Bia Len



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