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Perfect. She's going on a rampage just like I predicted. Enjoy it while it lasts. 'Cuz one shot from me... and you're going straight to hell.

—Lefav while aiming for Evankhell[1]

Lo Po Bia Lefav (로 포 비아 레파브브, Lo Po Bia lepabeubeu) is a member of Zahard's Army. She is a High Ranker and a member of the Lo Po Bia Family.

Appearance and Personality

She has blonde hair and yellowish eyes. She wears a hood and carries a sniper around. She is actually a cheerful and ambitious woman.

She is a mother who seeks promotion to get a better life for herself and especially for her children. She has the ambition to become one of Lo Po Bia Family branch leaders.

Tower of God: Part 3

A Rough War

She was first seen hidden inside scraps of metals with her Sniper Rifle and was targeting to kill Evankhell with her powerful shot.[1]

When Kallavan appeared in front of Baam, Hwa Ryun quickly contacted Karaka and Evankhell to regroup at Baam's location. Lo Po Bia Lefav who tried to shoot Evankhell was surprised with Evankhell's sudden movement and wondering what could be so urgent. Lefav then contacted The Vice Corps Commander of the 4th Army Corp, Elpathion and asked for his assistance in slowing down Evankhell so she could get a clear shot. Elpathion then agreed and try to road-blocking Evankhell who was heading into Baam's direction. The Vice Corps Commander then used his Lighthouse Transcendence Skill Crystal Mirror Room to slow down Evankhell, but it didn't last even for 10 seconds and Evankhell managed to break free. As the first plan failed, Elpathion had to take the plan B made by Lefav, where he will sacrifice himself to stop Evankhell from moving. When Elpathion finally got stabbed by Evankhell's flames needle and it blasted flames through his stomach, Lefav executed a clear shot and made Evankhell bleed.[3]

After seeing Evankhell fell from her shot and floating on the mid-air, Lefav thought Evankhell is already dead and decided to stand up from her sniping position, taking a moment to relieve her adrenaline and fear. She was crying happily because she succeeds to take down a higher-ranked High Ranker than her and that she can survive on another battlefield. She then commented that she will probably get promoted to become a branch leader. When she was about to leave her position, her Observer detected that Evankhell's body disappeared. She was surprised and then back to the prone position to re-check the situation.

VS. Kallavan

Lefav uses her sniper to look around for Evankhell who was nowhere to be seen. A moment later, she sees Evankhell coming for her straight on, and Lefav notices Evanhkell is not using her flames but Lefav fires her sniper anyways at Evankhell. Her bullet misses because of the observer telling Evankhell to dodge the moment Lefav fires her sniper. The bullet travelled into a teleporter which then exited through Khun's Lighthouse, Killing Lo Po Bia Dokoko and the Windbird. Evankhell then boosts herself with flames and charged at Lefav's hiding spot, most likely killing her.

In the end, Lefav managed to survive by protecting herself from Evankhell with Shinheuhs in the fishbowl designed as a dummy. She later surrendered and is willing to betray the army in exchange for Evankhell sparing her life.

Power and Abilities

Although Lefav is categorized as a High Ranker, her skills are actually weaker than a High Ranker. She most likely obtained her 278th rank because of her achievement of killing several powerful enemies with her special bullets.


Lefav is a sniper-type Spear Bearer who can only fire two shots of super-powerful bullets per day. This is a special Contract that she made with an Administrator, and with this contract Lefav will get two powerful bullets and they are strong enough to kill a Top 300 High Ranker in a single shot. Every time she fires a shot, her body will be hit with the rebound and she will be weaker than an ordinary Ranker.[4] This is the price of her contract with the Administrator.


As the member of the Lo Po Bia Family, Lefav also has this special talent and ability to control Shinheuh. During the battle on the first defensive wall of The Nest, She was shown to control at least two crab-like Shinheuhs which she used to defend her from enemies' attack. The Shinheuhs are strong enough to protect her from Evankhell's attack.[2]


Lighthouse Control

Aside from having Position as a sniper-type Spear Bearer, Lefav apparently can also control Lighthouses. She can control at least 2 Lighthouses and used it to perform battlefield observation and reconnaissance. In the Battle of The Nest, Lefav controlled two of Elpathion's Lighthouses after the said Vice Corps Commander was killed by Evankhell. She used the commander's Lighthouses to search Evankhell's body that had gone missing after she had presumed Evankhell to be dead.[5]


  • Sniper Rifle: Her rifle is "modified for sniping" but it isn't just a sniper rifle. The buttstock and the barrel can be she swapped for assault. The rifle was built to be super long, so her firing position might look a bit weird. She is a sniper type who carries a Sniper Rifle as a weapon and claims one shot from her sniper is enough to kill.[6]
  • Observer: The rifle's scope is connected to an Observer. Lefav is not a Scout, but it's an assist item that helps with sniping.[6] This Observer is connected to her right eye.[3][4]




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