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Lo Po Bia Haratcha (로포비아 하라챠. Lo Po Bia Harachya) is the 3rd Division Commander in the 5th Army Corp of Zahard's Army. He is a High Ranker and a member of the Lo Po Bia Family.[2]

Appearance and Personality

He has pink eyes and short spiky pink hair, with a braided Rattail. He seemingly has four ears: two large feline ears on top of his head, as well as a pair of humanlike ones. He possesses long sharp claws and has a light complexion with the blue pattern across his face.

He is rambunctious and enthusiastic, with him being eager to show off his power in front of Lo Po Bia Yasratcha.[2]


Following the history of the Rashangs Race, Haratcha originally was not part of the Felines by blood. Haratcha is from the Rashangs. When Haratcha became a Ranker, he returned to his remote village of the Rashangs. At some point, it looks like Haratcha become the leader of the Rashangs. One day, the Felines Army led by Lo Po Bia Yasratcha, invaded their remote village. The Rashangs were quickly outnumbered both in strength and troops and they cannot fend off the Felines army. After a period of time, Yasratcha who had been keeping an eye on Haratcha decided to stopped the battle, approached him and made an offer to stop killing the Rashangs and let them run away if Haratcha became a Feline and join Zahard's Army. At first Haratcha refused, but he had no other choice and accepted the Felines' power to save his people.

In the Army, Haratcha used his talent and feline power to great effect. He won every battle, and with each fight his status and wealth increased. He used all that wealth to rebuild the village of the Rashangs who ran away from Yasratcha. However, as time passed, the Rashangs become very greedy and lazy to work. They always asked Haratcha to get something for them. As time went on, Haratcha began to feel burdened by the Rashangs. When he started to reduce contact with them, some Rashangs felt that Haratcha had betrayed them and began to set up a plan to frame Haratcha. Despite the Rashangs' effort to frame him, Haratcha never hated his own people and saved the Rashangs once again from the brink of extinction when Yasratcha ordered Haratcha to exterminate the Rashangs in order to prove his loyalty to the Felines.

During their secret escape plan, the Rashangs never learned from their past mistakes. They keep asking for everything and keep pressuring Haratcha's patience limit. Ultimately, the escape plan failed and Haratcha had no other choice but to exterminate his own species with his own hands.[1]

Tower of God: Part 3


He is shown arguing with Kendrick Diel over their unfair treatment by Yasratcha, as it is always the Second Divison getting all the attention. After being annoyed by Nanatona he charges after her with his energy blade while calling her a rat, which gets the attention of McCage, who disciplines him. Afterwards, he is teleported into battle against Yama's Gang wielding only his claws.

The Second Defensive Wall

Haratcha charged towards Twenty-Fifth Baam who stand behind the Hexagon Crystal barrier. He was surprised to see Kallavan work with the FUG forces. Haratcha tried to provoke Kallavan but Lo Po Bia Yasratcha quickly interfered and persuade FUG to play a game.[3][4]


During the game inside The Cat Tower, Haratcha encountered Yu Han Sung.[5] In the end, Haratcha died after the Black Hole technique developed by Yu Han Sung trapped Haratcha at its core and the acid substance which got pulled towards Haratcha slowly destroyed his body.[1]

Power and Abilities

He wields a purple shinsu blade and he has long and sharp claws.[2]

Haratcha was regarded as the strongest of the Rashangs, even among the few who were able to become a Ranker from the species, becoming their leader. During the Felines attack on his people, Haratcha was able to fight off the Felines with all his power impressively enough to earn Yasratcha's interest, resulting in him being granted a position among Yasratcha's army and the power of the Feline People. With the power of the Feline People, Haractcha's outstanding talents only further improved his power, making him one of the most powerful members of Yasratcha's army, earning the rank of Division Commander and achieving victory in all his battles, which earned him immense wealth and honor said to be beyond most people's ability to imagine. Upon finally having enough of the Rashangs greed, Haratcha proved able to single-handedly slaughter them by himself. In the present, Haratcha managed to overwhelm and almost kill Yu Han Sung with his power, only being defeated due to Han Sung's trickery and usage of unique abilities.


488 haratcha beastification5.png
  • Super Speed: As someone who had been injected with the Felines blood and power, Haratcha can transform his whole body. This power known as the Beastification. The power of Haratcha's Beastification lies on super speed. Haratcha compressed and reduced his body size and weight in order to become lighter. This resulted a major drawback in his physical strength which apparently also got reduced. With Beastification, Haratcha can still kill a High Ranker, but it will took much longer time to kill his enemy.

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Notes and Trivia

  • Having a Rattail while using rat as an insult towards Nanatona, may be SIU subtly utilizing irony for comedic effect. Or just a coincidence.



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