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Lo Po Bia Fucile (로 포 비아 푸쉴레, Lo Po Bia Puswille) is the 2nd Division Commander in the 5th Army Corp of Zahard's Army. He is a High Ranker and a member of the Lo Po Bia Family.

Appearance and Personality

He wears a spiky golden spiky armour, which hides most of his appearance. It was later revealed that Fucile is a Beastkin race with modified body. Most of his body parts is made out of metal machines. So Fucile is like a cyborg Beastkin. Literally half-machine and half Beastkin. Fucile's head is an unknown animal.[1]

Lo Po Bia Yasratcha really likes the 2nd Division which was led by Fucile and always prioritize them over other Division although he is the only non-feline division commander and they are not the strongest division in the 5th Army Corp. Nanatona even said that the 3rd Division which is led by by Lo Po Bia Haratcha has never met and seen Yasratcha in person.[2]

Yasratcha said that he respected Fucile for not backing down in front of an enemy stronger than him and trying to face them as a brave warrior.[3]


Tower of God: Part 3

Transformation (Arc)

During the Battle of The Second Wall of Peaceful Coexistence, Fucile first appeared to relay information to the Corps Commander of the 5th Army Corp; Lo Po Bia Yasratcha.

The Second Defensive Wall (Arc)

During the Battle of The Nest: 2nd Defensive Wall, Fucile was shown to led the defensive perimeters. Fucile easily blocked and stopped the combination attack of Namo and Sola.

A Dark Twist

Fucile appeared inside The Cat Tower to fight Karaka and Dowon. Fucile tried to lure and kill them with Cat Tower Green Acid but failed. Before Fucile run away, he summoned his Robot Army to stall Karaka and Dowon.[4]

Defensive Battle

While Fucile continues to run away, he encountered Cha and Sola who came from the other side.[5]

The Offer

When Karaka, Cha, Dowon, and Sola were distracted by the Hybrider and ended up meeting Evankhell on the lower level of Cat Tower, Fucile quickly exploit his chance to run away again. When Khun Devo Ferez appeared to search Fucile and reveal that Fucile was the bomb, Fucile had escaped. Cha quickly chase after Fucile and managed to find him with the help of David Hockney. To shorten his distance, Cha forcefully penetrated and destroyed several walls within the Cat Tower in extreme speed, and he arrived right in front of startled Fucile. The division commander didn't have time to react against Cha's surprise punch and was instantly killed on the spot. As Cha approached the corpse to find the bomb, he found out that Fucile is a cyborg Beastkin. His body was entirely a machine. But suddenly, Fucile's broken arm rise up and ignited blinding light, revealing the entire Cat Tower has been destroyed by the bomb and explosion.[6]

Power and Abilities

As a High Ranker and the 2nd Division Commander of the 5th Army Corp led by Lo Po Bia Yasratcha, Fucile must have been quite strong. Even Baylord Yama, a Slayer of FUG considers him as a "pretty strong" High Ranker, although Fucile is still like a baby in front of Slayer like him.[7]

Shinsu Control

Fucile can also create a weapon out of Shinsu. This indicates that Fucile is very good in Shinsu Control, since creating weapon from Shinsu is considered to be difficult.

Fucile Robot Army

Fucile commands a whole entire armored army division to support the 5th Army Corp on their mission or battle.[7] This armored army was seen to help 5th Army Corp during their invasion against the Rashangs race.

Notes and Trivia

  • His name is a reference to the Uruguayan footballer or soccer player "Jorge Fucile".




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