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The Lo Po Bia Family (로 포 비아 가문, Lo Po Bia Gamun) is one of the 10 Great Families[5] and is led by Lo Po Bia Traumerei. Currently, Traumerei is considered the best Anima in the Tower. It is said that he can control all Shinheuh and animals of the Tower, as well as humans.[1]


A representation of Lo Po Bia Traumerei and his animals

Aside from the main family represented by Traumerei, the Lo Po Bia Family is separated into twenty branch families which are represented by 20 animals the Head of the Family commanded; each of the branch families is blessed with “special powers”.[1] Among the 20 branches, there are Gray Wolf Family branch[1] and Wind Bird Family branch.[6] At least once, disparate family branches have been merged into one, with Didiano's original branch having been combined with another prior to the Battle at the Nest.[7]


Given the nature of Traumerei, most of the children of the Lo Po Bia Family are born with the abilities of an Anima. Unlike many other special positions, it's not a skill anyone can learn but instead a natural talent.[8][9] The skill to subjugate a creature existed before the 10 Families entered the Tower although, at some point, the Lo Po Bia Family acquired the skill.[10] Not everyone from the Lo Po Bia Family is an Anima, but they all have the potential and a few Lo Po Bia elites have abilities that are on a whole new level from standard Anima.[10]

Part of Lo Po Bia Family strength is their control over 23 special beasts of which 7 are personally controlled by Traumerei himself

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One of its members Lo Po Bia Ren has helped this family obtain more influence in the Tower, by becoming a member of the Royal Enforcement Division. Also, this family has produced a pair of twin Princesses of Zahard, gaining even more political power. Currently, their members are sabotaging Androssi Zahard to help the chances of the Bia Family's Princesses to rise through the ranks.

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