Lo Po Bia Elaine (로 포 비아 엘레인, Lo Po Bia Ellein)[3] formerly known as Kaiser the Name Hunter (이름 사냥꾼 카이저, ileum sanyangkkun kaijeo; "Name Hunter Kaiser") is a Regular from Lo Po Bia Family who acted as the ruler of the third station of the Hell Train located on the 39th Floor, The Name Hunt Station, for over a thousand years on behalf of her family. She is a Fisherman and one of the 3 top D-rank Regulars.[4]

Following the events that took place on the Last Station, she was sent by Ha Jinsung to look after Baam in his place. She is a currently part of Baam's team.


Elaine was born into the Grey Wolf family, one of the 20 branches of the Lo Po Bia Family. Although Elaine was not a descendant of the direct line, her talent exceeded those who were. Because of her outstanding skills and abilities, the Zahard Family nominated her to become a Princess of Zahard the year she turned 14. The Grey Wolf family quickly gained influence amongst the branch families as a result of Elaine's nomination. At some point, the Main Family chose Alphine to become Elaine's attendant.[5]

Elaine meeting a boy

A week before Elaine was meant to go to the palace of Zahard for her coronation, the competition between children of the Lo Po Bia branch families was held. Although Elaine was not required to attend because she was going to become a Princess of Zahard, she was still summoned to attend by the Main Family. During the competition, she met a boy with skills surpassing all of the children of the 20 branches and fell in love with him. Because of the restriction of Princesses of Zahard not being allowed to fall in love, Elaine began to hesitate. She decided to give up becoming a Princess of Zahard and attempted to escape with the boy from the floating castle. However, guards dispatched from both the Main Family and the Zahard Family were waiting for her. Elaine was confronted with the fact that the boy was merely a test to find out if she was suitable for living as a Princess of Zahard. Following Elaine's failure on becoming a Princess of Zahard, the Head of the Lo Po Bia Family ordered the entire Grey Wolf family to be imprisoned, and imposed a massive penalty fee. Elaine herself was sentenced to a special labour punishment, which was to rule over and administer the Name Hunt Station on behalf of the 10 Families.[5]

Headon selecting Elaine to climb the Tower

Elaine was subsequently chosen to climb the Tower and eventually arrived at the Name Hunt Station to fulfill her punishment. At the time that she arrived, the Station was a lawless, neglected area. The 10 Families had conquered the place years ago and were planning to turn the Station into a pyramid slave scheme trading the names of Regulars. The money that Elaine earned administering the Station would go towards repaying the debt imposed on her family. By the time Alphine arrived at the station as a Regular, Elaine had become the cruel ruler of the station and had concealed her face behind a mask. Alphine remained at the Station to serve Elaine once again.[5]

Elaine used the Regulars trapped at the station to earn money which was generated during the festivals. As years passed, the money that the station generated went to the Grey Wolf Family. Yet the balance of the debt never decreased, as the station’s revenues were wasted by the family instead. The Grey Wolf Family decided it would be more convenient to keep the traitor that led her family to disgrace serving her punishment for eternity.[5]

Appearance and Personality

Elaine is a tall decoratively dressed buxom woman with long dark grey hair that falls to around her knees and blue-green coloured eyes. She has fancy red earrings hanging from her ears and also a dark green tiara atop the crown of her head. Elaine wears a forest green coloured waistcoat-like garment, fastened at her neck with a red gem brooch, and forest green coloured skirt with dark tights underneath. She wears forearm length gloves of similar colour and finally wears an all-encompassing dark cloak which covers most of her outfit and drapes along the ground behind her to some degree. As the Kaiser of the Name Hunt Station, she used to hide her face behind an ornate silver mask with red painted lips.

Elaine appears to be a cold, calculating and a strict individual who seeks only to maintain her reign over the Name Hunt station in order to repay her somewhat self-imposed debts. She is also a relatively savvy individual, realising that there was something off about the overt arrival of Jyu Viole Grace and also informing her subordinates to stay hidden in order to prevent Androssi and her team from challenging them and taking their names. Alphine noted that before the "incident" in her youth that changed her to what she is now, Elaine was a dignified, courageous, kind and courteous woman.[5] She is revealed to be extremely beautiful during the festival.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The 'Name Hunt' Station

Kaiser pointing.jpg

In the grand gallery of the Name Hunt station, one of Kaiser's subordinates informed Kaiser of Team Novick's entrance and exploits, asking Kaiser what they would like to do. Kaiser replied that it didn't matter since two more days are left before the Hell Express' arrival at the station. Kaiser replies to not be worried since the name of anyone who entered the Grand Gallery would be Kaiser's property.

By the time the Hell Express finally arrived at the Name Hunt Station, Kaiser was intrigued by the appearance of the Slayer Candidate Jyu Viole Grace. Upon hearing from Alphine that the Slayer Candidate's attempt to uproot the Name Hunt Station, Kaiser issued to the remaining Ten Bosses to "absolutely not fall for the enemy's provocation, and to keep themselves completely hidden until the festival is finished as Kaiser would deal personally against Jyu Viole Grace".

Later, she found Jyu Viole Grace in the no-named residence. A no-named Regular attempted to attack her only to end up vanishing due to the laws of the station. Kaiser then challenged Viole and attacked him, but he held his ground before retaliating. Realising Viole's power, she prepared to use her special power but the fight was interrupted when Androssi suddenly appeared and issued terms before teleporting away.

With Arie Inieta returning with some of Viole's allies, Kaiser put together a plan to sell them at the Auction and pit Viole against Androssi to take control of them both. Ordering the remaining Ten Bosses to keep the hostages hidden, Kaiser waited patiently in the Gallery. Just then, she received a message from Alphine telling her that Viole was coming for her and was surprised when he arrived unharmed, having expected him to have perished in the elevator to the Gallery.

215 kaiser ready.png

With the two meeting each other again, the two got ready to battle with each of them putting everything on the line. With the battle initially in her favour, thanks to her two special abilities surprising Viole, the latter surprised her with his ability to both evade and catch her invisible weapons from her Inventory. Trying to finish the battle by upping the tempo of her attacks, Viole broke through her offence and eventually put her down with a powerful shinsoo strike, all the while reminding her that she had lost her own identity in her attempt to regain her family's honour.

Defeated, Kaiser asks if Viole was going to steal her name, but he reveals that he was going to buy her name and pay off all her family's debt instead. In exchange, Kaiser would have to tell everyone that Androssi won the fight, so the Princess would regain her honour. Asking why Viole would go through all this, he gave her a helping hand up and explained his reasons as to why.

The next day, at the beginning of the Festival, Elaine pondered how strange Viole was before getting ready to go out and repay her debt. Stepping out on to the stage, she showcased her majestic reel skills, wowing everyone present. Much later on, having been bought by Ha Jinsung on behalf of Viole, she and the latter travelled to the 40th Floor.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station


The ruler of the Last Station was about to press his remote to detonate a bomb so Baam's crew couldn't escape but Elaine appears and her Fenryl grabbed his remote and destroys it before he presses it. Elaine was sent by Ha Jinsung to the Last Station to look after Bam in his place.

Tower of God: Part 3 - Deng Deng

After the events that took place on the Last Station, Elaine started to go up the tower with Baam and the cast.

She is a currently part of Baam's team on the mission to rescue Deng Deng and hand him over to Baylord Yama, in order to get his help against Kallavan and his army to rescue Ha Jinsung.

She's later seen onboard a suspendship along with David Hockney and Yool. They're moving to Baam's team's location after learning that they have moved to another floor.

Powers and Abilities

Despite being one of the Top 3 D-Rank Regulars like Sachi Faker, the latter notes that Kaiser is on a completely different level of power indicating a fearsome level of strength.[4]

Elaine's fighting skill is quite high, she can simultaneously manipulate her opponents both from long range and short range distance. She can attack effectively from long range with all her available weapons that attached to her Reel Inventory while still leaving a spot open for her opponents to attack.[6] What makes it effective is that all of her weapons are invisible, since it was equipped to an invisible inventory. So, ordinary regulars will most likely find it hard to block or dodge all the weapons. She has a very good control with Reel as shown when she performed controlled at the auction after she was defeated by Jyu Viole Grace. She can control many sharp weapons like Needle, Spear and Sword.

Elaine is also good at short range combat situation. She can fool her opponents with the switching teleportation tricks with her anima Fenryl. While she has been noted to be extremely powerful for her level in and of her own right, thanks to her status as a Great Family member, her natural talent and 1000 years of growth, Androssi reveals that Kaiser possesses a fearsome secret power that is unmatchable at the station.[7]

Swordsmanship Practitioner: Kaiser keeps a smaller sized, green-hilted blade inside her cloak which she wields when taking on opponents that have breached her Armour Inventory defences. While her true level of swordsmanship is difficult to discern, Viole noted that her attacks were quite fast and accurate.[8]

Kaiser-style Reel Skill, Tying Twenty Threads (카이저 식 릴 조작술 스무 가닥 옭아매기, Kaijeo-sig Lil Jojagsul, Seumu Gadag Olg-amaegi): Using her Invisible Inventory's attached reels, Kaiser manipulated them in an attempt to ensnare and attack Viole in one final attack.[8]

Anima: Kaiser has the command of Fenryl, one of the wolf spirits passed down in her Grey Wolf family from generation to generation, which can only be inherited by a select few.[9] Fenryl does not require a tank, and its teeth are strong enough to penetrate through even a Ranker’s skin. Wounds inflicted from Fenryl’s bite will never heal without its master's consent or death.[9] Because of this trait, opponents gradually lose stamina and will bleed out if they continue fighting for too long. Elaine also has the ability to switch places instantly with the animal she controls.[10]


Lo Po Bia Alphine: Alphine was one of the servants that the Main Family of the Lo Po Bia Family assigned to Elaine, as Elaine would soon become a Princess of Zahard. At that time, Aphine watched Elaine closely more than anyone else. She truly believed that Elaine was well-suited to become a Zahard princess because of her qualities. After Elaine's failure, Alphine became a regular. When she heard the rumour that Elaine was on the Name Hunt Station, she decided to go and see for herself. Alphine starts working for Kaiser as her most loyal servant, trying to help her pay the debt she owes to the Lo Po Bia Family . Elaine shows that she trusts Alphine enough to let her be her left hand while ruling the Name Hunt Station.

Lo Po Bia Shilial Zahard and Lo Po Bia Lilial Zahard: Elaine can be seen working together with the Twin Sisters. It can be noted that they respect Elaine's fighting capabilities and intelligence when they accept her plans to get Jyu Viole Grace and Androssi Zahard's names, as they even get surprised by Kaiser betraying them once she lost the fight with Viole.

Twenty-Fifth Baam: After discovering the truth behind Elaine's role on the Name Hunt Station and her debt with the Lo Po Bia Family, he relates to her and tries to save her by buying her name on the auction, paying her debt to the Lo Po Bia Family and setting her free, after so many years of working for her family. This awakens a curiosity from Elaine towards Baam, that can be seen as an endearment or Elaine feeling like she owes Baam for setting her free. They meet again after the Last Station and have been climbing together for the last two years.


She owns several high-level items which makes Kaiser an incredibly rare case among Regulars.

  • Armour Inventory: A big, large Armour Inventory that can be considered as an extremely expensive item. This item is difficult to obtain even for High Rankers.[11] It can protect Elaine from enemy's attack. This armor can destroy a sword. Apparently, it has been destroyed by Twenty-Fifth Baam using the Crimson Flame technique.
  • Invisible Inventory: a special inventory that make equipped weapons to be invisible.[11]
  • Arms Inventory: a weapon inventory with forest green color. She has many kind of sharp weapons, from swords, spears, arrows, and needles.

Notes and Trivia

  • Kaiser means "emperor" in German.
  • Elaine is a name shared by several different female characters in Arthurian legend. Such as Elaine of Astolat, Elaine of Benoic, Elaine of Corbenic, Elaine of Garlot, Elaine of Listenoise, Elaine the Peerless, Elaine the Younger.
    • Elaine is a name of Greek origin meaning "sun ray or shining light". It is a French variant of Helen.
    • In the King Arthur myths, Elaine is a character who fell in love with Lancelot.[12]
    • Elaine is also a name of the town in Victoria, Australia.
  • If White (Hoaqin) was a true pinnacle of evil, Kaiser is someone who split from that point and fell, and is someone who is somewhere below. She wanted to climb but she even lost herself and became part of the system.[13]
  • SIU concept for the unmasked Kaiser was a wolf cub. She is over a thousand years old, but she is fromonte of the 10 Great Families, and living in the Inner Tower. So age and appearance don't really correlate.[2]


  • (Thinking about Viole to herself) "Very impressive. His fighting skills and shinsoo control are so refined that makes me wonder whether he is merely a Regular. I don't know who taught him, but I would love to pay my respect. That boy is definitely a gem that FUG is putting their heart and soul into refining. That must mean that he is a rough gemstone with that much potential."[6]
  • (To Viole) "What I didn't know was that a heavy 'Responsibility' falls on the shoulders of the winner. Isn't it the same for you? As time goes on, aren't they more things that you have to take responsibility for as a slayer candidate?"[6]
  • (To Viole) "There is no such thing as unconditional love in this world. If someone doesn't pay the price for the love that they have received, how can you call them a human being?"[6]
  • (To Viole) "At one time, when I was little, I once felt that every living thing was a blessing. Everything around me looked so overwhelmingly beautiful and happy, and I even danced without realizing it. Without realizing that they were under my feet. But now, I see my surroundings very clearly. The suffering of those below me at this station, and the happiness of my family, living in luxury because of that. It may seem strange, but I do this knowing very well what I'm doing. So, until they forgive me. I cannot give my name to anyone."[6]
  • (To Arie Inieta) "If I were from your family, I would spend any amount of money to get you out of here. Your talents are certainly worth it."[14]
  • (Thinking about Viole to herself) "I was careless. I was wrong about him. He is truly talented unlike others. The reason that FUG selected that boy as a slayer candidate is not he is a gemstone with exceptional talent. FUG is seriously raising a monster. But I have never seen anyone like him even in my main family. He can feel and dodge invisible things. It's like this boy has been blessed with the power of shinsoo."[15]
  • (To Viole while fighting him) "So foolish. You are just being idealistic!! My role is to do whatever the family tells me to. I can do even the most disgraceful things if they want me to!! I'm just happy that the family wants me!! I was foolish before!! I betrayed the people closest to me in pursuit of an illusion called love!! But I'm different now!! The current me has gotten rid the old me!! The old me hated the fact that I was a puppet dancing on a glass ceiling! But now I know! That was my role, the power to protect the people who matter most to me!! I'm going to go back there!! Until the moment when they acknowledged me again, I will sacrificed myself here for their sake for as long as it takes!"[16]
  • (Thinking about her family to herself) "Father.. Mother.. I'm going to let you go now. When I was little, I thought you would always support me. So I was able to dance in my own world without worrying. But then I realized it's not that you were my support. I was the support for you two. Thats why I couldn't let you go. I felt like everything would end the moment that I let go of you. But now it looks like the time has come for me to let go. Good bye, my old feelings."[17]



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