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I know it was a direct order from the Family Leader and everything.. But I can't believe he sent a Branch Leader like me here.

Dokoko about his presence at The Nest.[1]

Lo Po Bia Dokoko (로 포 비아 도코코, Lo Po Bia Dokoko) is the Branch Head of the Wind Bird Family, a family branch of the Lo Po Bia Family. He is a High Ranker. He was sent to The Nest under a direct order of the Lo Po Bia Family Head to support and assist the defense of The Nest. He then was assigned as a reinforcement for the 4th Army Corp to defend the first wall.[1]


At some point, the Lo Po Bia Family Head gave him a special Shinheuh, the Six-Winged Giant Windbird as a gift.[2]

Appearance and Personality

Dokoko wears a stylish feathery outfit with a helmet resembling a bird.

Dokoko was noted to be clueless by Lo Po Bia Yasratcha, for not understanding behavior and nature of the Canine People.

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Tower of God: Part 3

The Intrusion

Dokoko appeared in front of Baylord Doom and Baylord Paul right after The Cage was successfully breached into the first wall and attacked the defensive line and stationed troops of the Zahard's Army. Baylord Yama who stand on the top of the tallest building in The Cage was seen to observe Dokoko and his giant Six-Winged Giant Windbird shinheuh. When Dokoko met the two canine brothers, Paul and Doom, he told them there were people like the canines in the Lo Po Bia Family before though Dokoko never personally met them himself. He told the brothers, the family head took one of the test subjects from The Workshop, and raised him. However, Dokoko told the brothers, that test subject was a traitor while smirking. That statement has provoked Doom who then showed his teeth at the Branch Leader. Dokoko engages in a battle with Doom and Paul, then, when Doom blasted the Windbird, Dokoko was impressed by Doom's power despite him out of his prime. Then Windbird changed forms and attack Doom from beneath.

A Rough War

When Baylord Paul finally use his Canine Transformation power after Doom got caught by the Giant Windbird's claw, Dokoko was distracted and Doom can broke free easily from the Giant Windbird's grasp. Doom tried to approach Paul to check his consciousness, but suddenly Paul quickly launches an attack on the Giant Windbird.[3] When the Windbird fell, Paul tried to attack Dokoko with his Green Beasts Swimming Through The River of Death shinsu but Dokoko countered Paul's attack with his Blood Shards technique. Dokoko's whip attack destroyed Paul's shinsu and hit his body, but Paul did not feel pain because he lost his mind. Dokoko then continues to attack Paul ruthlessly. When Dokoko release his Shimmering Vines attack, Doom blocked the attack with his body to protect Paul. In the chaos, the Giant Windbird recovered and transformed into its third form.

In the chaos, the Giant Windbird recovered and transformed into its third form. Tired with Doom and Paul's stubbornness, Dokoko opened his helmet, reveal his face and tried to reduce the fighting morals of the Canines by mentioning the amount of troops already waiting for them, but it backfired and it motivates Canines even more since Dokoko literally confirmed that Yasratcha is really present on the battlefield. This morality boost motivated Paul and Doom to finish the fight, and Doom really succeed to kill Dokoko. However, it turns out that Dokoko can transfer his soul or consciousness into his Giant Windbird Shinheuh.[2]

VS. Kallavan

After Dokoko died, he become one with the Six-Winged Giant Windbird and attacks Doom and Paul with the projectile attack in the form of bird wings feather, causing destruction around them. Khun Aguero Agnis's floating ship almost got hit by the projectile attack, but Canhong blocked with her own ship to protect Khun's ship. Khun did not want to waste Canhong's sacrifice, so he immediately send his 3 Lighthouses in front of his ship to perform Lighthouse Teleportation and teleport the special bullet of Lo Po Bia Lefav that was previously intended to shot Evankhell. The bullet hit the Windbird right inside its core, killing the bird along with Dokoko's soul.[4]

Powers and Abilities

As the Branch Head of the Wind Bird Family within the Lo Po Bia Family, Dokoko is said to be the strongest member in the Wind Bird branch. The Lo Po Bia Family Head directly ordered him to become reinforcement for Zahard's Army at The Nest. Po Bidau Lyborick Khun noted that Dokoko is strong enough that even a Slayer of Baylord Yama's level would have trouble against him.[1] While controlling the Wind Bird, Dokoko could simultaneously fight and overwhelm both Baylord Doom and Baylord Paul, both of them being powerful High Rankers, and was able to overpower Doom's half-transformation despite him damaging the Six-Winged Giant Windbird, having his Shinheuh restrain and begin to crush Doom. Even without the Windbird, Dokoko remained more than capable of taking on Paul using his partial transformation, with Doom stating the difference between their powers as being too great for even Paul's inability to feel pain, but when Paul fought the Wind Bird using his own half-transformation, he proved to be no match for Doom without the Wind Bird, as his body was swiftly paralyzed and killed by Doom and forcing him to transfer his mind into the Wind Bird.


Dokoko can control a powerful Giant Wind Bird Shinheuh with 6 wings. He said the giant Wind Bird was given to him directly by the Lo Po Bia Family Head as a gift. He actually can transfer his mind into the Wind Bird after his real body was killed by Baylord Doom.[2]


Red Whip

Dokoko carried a long red whip weapon with golden handle and used it to command the Giant Windbird.





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