Lo Po Bia Alphine (로 포 비아 알피네, Lo Po Bia Alpine) also known as Shadow Girl Alphine (그림자 인간 알피네, Geulimja Ingan Alpine) is a D-rank Regular who serves under Kaiser as one of the 10 Bosses at the the Name Hunt station.[1] Amongst the Regulars who served under Kaiser, Alphine was her most trusted servant with greater knowledge of the Name Hunt station than any other servant.[2]


Alphine was originally a servant of the Lo Po Bia Family.[3] Alphine was one of the servants that the Main Family of the Lo Po Bia Family assigned to Kaiser, as Kaiser would soon become a Princess of Zahard. At that time Aphine watched Kaiser closely more than anyone else. She truly believed that Kaiser was well-suited to become a Zahard princess because of her qualities.[3]

At some point after Kaiser's failure on becoming a Princess of Zahard Alphine became a Regular. As she climbed the Tower, Alphine followed the rumours that of Kaiser's achievements at the Name Hunt Station. In the long time that Alphine did not see her, Kaiser had already become the Name Hunt Station’s cruel ruler. After arriving at the Name Hunt Station Alphine began to serve Kaiser again as the most loyal of the Ten Bosses at the Station. Alphine and Kaiser used the Regulars trapped into the station to earn money by making them fight among each other during the festival in order to pay the debt imposed to the Grey Wolf Family. As years passed, the vast sums of money that the Name Hunt Station generated went to the Grey Wolf Family. For years Alphine believed that Kaiser's hard work at the station would be enough to pay off the debt. Yet the balance of the debt never decreased, as the station’s revenues were wasted by the family instead.[3]

Appearance and Personality

Alphine is a fair-skinned girl with blonde hair that falls over the left side of her face.

She is ruthlessly loyal to Kaiser, having followed and served her since she was young. She was even willing to commit suicide to (unsuccessfully) prevent becoming a servant of Jyu Viole Grace at the station, and continued to serve Kaiser even after the latter event.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The 'Name Hunt' Station

She reported to Kaiser about Hesse's defeat to Koon Ran and asked what they should do. Kaiser merely told her to relax as the name of anyone who came to the station was hers.

Following the Hell Train's arrival to the Name Hunt station, Alphine notified Kaiser about Jyu Viole Grace's attempt to uproot the Name Hunt Station. As the No-Named stated to disobey their masters Kaiser told Alphine to address the remaining Ten Bosses to "absolutely not fall for the enemy's provocation, and to keep themselves completely hidden until the festival is finished as Kaiser would deal personally against Jyu Viole Grace".

Later, Viole, Koon, Red Greymon and Yukan tracked her down to her quarters. They asked her how to get to the Gallery but Alphine first told them about Kaiser's history as a member of the Lo Po Bia Family and the punishment enforced upon her. Having said her bit, she revealed that they had been speaking to a hologram before setting her shinheuh "Shadow Fox" on them. However, despite her attempts to escape, Viole, Koon and Red Greymon caught up to her and Viole stole her name. Forcing her to reveal how to get to the Gallery, they went on their way while Alphine relayed her message to Kaiser.

Later, with the revelation of Kaiser's defeat and subsequent exit of the station, Alphine took charge in the management of the station in her absence.

Powers and Abilities

213 - 1

Alphine commands her Shadow Fox

Alphine can be assumed to be a powerful D-rank Regular as she was one of the 10 Bosses of the Name Hunt station. Koon remarked that she must be a very skilled Scout when she fooled their party with a hologram.[4]

Anima: Her talent allows her to deploy a Shadow Fox that drains its targets of their Shinsoo until they die. In addition, the Shadow Fox connects itself to some part of its targets' shadows, which makes it immune to their attacks.[4]


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