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This article refers to Light Bearers' ability to manipulate shinsu and boost the power of spesific Weapons or Shinsu Control. For similar technique, see also Body Reinforcement.

Lighthouse Reinforcement (등대강화, Deungdae Gahnghwa; or "Lighthouse Strengthening, Lighthouse Enhancement") is an ability to strengthen or boost the power of your Shinsu Control and Techniques or strengthen your allies with the help or support of Lighthouses.[3][4]

Every living organism within the Tower has an individual flow of Shinsu. By using this flow, one can heal themselves or others, enhance their physical capabilities or grant numerous other abilities.[5] However, not everyone can use shinsu independently or good enough to control shinsu. Sometimes they have to rely on "certain items" to enhance or boost their shinsu.[6] One of many items that can enhance shinsu is a Lighthouse.[3]

Known User

Twenty-Fifth Baam

Despite his primary Position as a Wave Controller, Baam can apparently control at least 3 Lighthouses. Inside The Hand of Arlen, Baam used Xia Xia's Lighthouses to enhance or boost the power of his Reverse-Flow Control in order to stop Lanza de Relámpago attack[1] and he also stop Novick from grabbing the bomb detonator.[2]

Khun Aguero Agnis


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Alternative Translation

  • Lighthouse Reinforcement
  • Lighthouse Boost
  • Lighthouse Strengthening
  • Lighthouse Enhancement



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