Lighthouse Flow Control is a common technique for Light Bearers. This technique will allow the Light Bearers to temporary control the flow of Shinsu of certain objects (e.g. Lighthouse[6]) or living beings (e.g. Shinheuh[1], Regulars[4][5], Rankers[8]), and eventually stop their movement, only for a short period of time. The length of the time limit will vary depending on:

  • The numbers of the Lighthouses that are being used. The more Lighthouses the user controls, the more strong is the effect of the flow control. So, the user will have longer time limit to control the target.
  • How strong is the Shinsu Resistance of the target. If the target or the opponents has a very strong shinsu resistance, they cannot be stopped with this technique. (e.g. Urek Mazino[2], Reflejo[5] and Evankhell.[8])
  • The quality of the Lighthouse. Like many items in general, Lighthouses also has a Class and Rank. A good quality or high rank Lighthouses has more stronger flow control than the low ones. (e.g. Opera Lighthouse can stop Urek while normal Lighthouse cannot.[2])

Known Users



Known Techniques

  • Quadruple Cube Blockade (쿼드러플큐브 봉쇄, Kwodeuleopeulkyubeu Bongswae)[5]
  • Centripetal Pressure Control (구심 압럭 제어, Gusim Ableog Jeeo)[4]
  • Triple Field (트리플필드, Teulipeulpildeu)[1][2][3]
  • Crystal Mirror Room (엘파시온 등대 초월기 크리스탈미러 룸, Elpasion Deungdae Chowolgi Keuliseutalmileo Lum)[8]
  • Ice Triangle (아이스 트라이앵글, Aiseu Teulaiaeng-geul)[7]



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