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Light Bearer (등대지기, 燈臺지기, deungdaejigi; "one who protects the Lighthouse" or "Lighthouse Keeper") is a Position which uses exploring devices called Lighthouses to gain information on the battle or the surroundings.

Also, a Light Bearer tends to gather information and formulate plans with the help of such information as they command their Lighthouse. They are also called Lighthouse keepers because they protect the Lighthouse. However, a Light Bearer must still be able to fulfil both roles as there may be times when they are expected to assume another role.


Lighthouses are glowing devices made of Suspendium and are used for gathering information to aid the Light Bearer's teammates in battle. The more Suspendium the Lighthouse possess, the better the Lighthouse shall be.[1] Some Lighthouses have an Observer function but as their mobility decreases, they become harder to handle. Light Bearers tends to pair up with Guides and they provide information and the Guides lead the way.[2] The battles in The Tower are fought mostly in dark places, so it is very hard to battle without Light Bearers. A Light Bearer may take a frontal or rear position.

When assuming a frontal position, the Light Bearer participates in combat themselves and gathers information on enemy weaknesses, using Lights. Such Light Bearers must have exceptional Shinsu control and be able to maintain control of their Lighthouses.[3] They must be able to extend the reach of their Light cubes for a good distance, so their Lights can gather information about the environment and the battles which are transmitted to the Lighthouse. As there may be more than 2 to 3 battles at once, their Lights must be extended far enough to be able to attack a large area or cover them so the Light Bearer can analyse the situation.[4]

When taking the rear position, the Light Bearer observes battles from a distance and collects data to use in future strategies. They basically control a Lighthouse which serves as a battle command centre. Using information collected by smaller Lighthouses they form strategies to direct and control the tide of a battle. They also issue instructions to their team members and, based on their feedback, decide on the next actions to take.[5] Because of this, a Light Bearer must be very knowledgeable, sharp, resourceful, good at analysing information and be able to come up with alternative strategies if their team is in a tight spot or if a previous plan has failed. Combat ability of these types of Light Bearers can't be lacking as they must be able to defend their Lighthouse if the enemy decides to attack it.

Basic Arming (Ranker)

Battle Strategy

Wave Controller Combination

The Light Bearers are commonly paired with Wave Controller. This is the most deadly combination, as the Lighthouse can be used to redirect ("Teleport") the partner's shinsu attack to anywhere in the area. This is known as Lighthouse Teleportation.

Since a Light Bearer usually has a good scope of the area, this leaves very few blind spots that are unreachable by the Wave Controller and Lighthouse. More importantly, Lighthouses can also increase the myun and soo in the baangs, making it much more powerful than normal. This is known as Lighthouse Reinforcement. However, the Lighthouse cannot be used to increase the Wave Controller's number of baangs; that is dependent on the Wave Controller's level of shinsu control.

Techniques used by Light Bearers

  • Lighthouse Flow Control: A technique that restricts the opponent's movements by manipulating the Shinsu within the manipulation field of the Lighthouse. It can be used with 2 to 3 Lighthouses.[citation needed]
    • Triple Field: the ability to restrict an enemy's movement with 3 Lighthouses (although, it's just something Prince made up).[3]
    • Quadruple Blockage: Using 4 Lighthouses Khun can block the movements of his opponent.[6]
    • Centripetal Force Control: A technique that prevents enemies inside the field from escaping by using the middle Lighthouse as the centre. It requires 4 Lighthouses and can easily paralyse several people simultaneously. First used by Goseng[4]
  • Lighthouse Shinsu Manipulation Skill Weapon Boost - Emerald Sword: A technique used to boost the power of one's weapon.[7]
  • Enna Core
    • Mystery Sphere: By using a Lighthouse that uses an Enna Core, the user can create a huge blue honeycomb sphere to trap an opponent. It can change to its "Red Crystal" mode on command.[8]
  • Shield / Barrier: A technique that forms a shield between Lighthouses.
  • Teleportation: A technique that allows the teleportation of people and objects to another within the manipulation field of the Lighthouse to another Lighthouse. It was said by SIU that Lighthouse Teleportation is dangerous to use in the middle of the battle and may not work if done hastily. Skilled Light Bearer can kill using Teleportation.[9]
  • Box

Known Light Bearers



Failed Regulars

Notes and Trivia

  • Light-bearer is another name of Lucifer from the Bible.
  • The extremely powerful Lighthouse, Opera, created by Tu Perie Tperie is capable of creating an infinite Shinsu field thus giving the Light Bearer an extremely high power boost. Currently, there are only 3 due to the high cost, resulting from the high class Suspendium needed for its production.
  • The most powerful Lighthouse known in the Tower is called the Eyes of God and is in possession of Tu Perie Tperie.
  • It's interesting to note that most female Regulars who hold the Light Bearer position have turned out to be antagonists.
  • In the Tower, the Light Bearer position is very important. One good Light Bearer is better then two decent Fisherman of the team. Of course if the Fisherman is level cheated like Yuri, that Fisherman can takes any position.[10]
  • Each Light Bearer has different limits on how many Lighthouses they can control and the area they can be controlled in.[10]
  • A Light Bearer and Wave Controller makes a very good combo. If you just control the Lighthouses well, it increases the number and amount of Shinsu, and more than anything, becomes an opponent without a blind spot.[11]
  • Unlike other positions, the Light Bearer position cannot be covered for by physical power or Shinsu, so those unfamiliar, be it Rankers or even High Rankers, have trouble performing the Light Bearer Position well. Even a Regular Light Bearer can be a valuable asset.[12]



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