Levin (레빈, Rehbin; "Levin") is a Regular. He has grey skin and sharp teeth and, rather than fighting, he used to snipe using a sniper rifle. He was assigned the Light Bearer position. He is quite sly, but is extremely annoyed if someone removes him from his sniping area. He seems quite sadistic, as he enjoys to watch anyone commit violent acts or see someone writhe in agony.

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Tower of God: Part 1

He arrived on the Second Floor with the other Regulars and set about sniping them from atop a rock, until Rak decided he wanted the spot and pushed him off.

He participated in the Crown Game with his team (Catan and Palgyon) and tried to back them up by sniping at Baam, but was again defeated by Rak. He was put on Team B for the Hide-and-Seek Test and got excited when the battle between Quant and Androssi got out of hand.

He passed the Hide-and-Seek Test and the Submerged Fish Hunt Test which was the final test on the 2nd Floor.


  1. Levin's stat card


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