Lethal Move (살인기, Sal-ingi) is a term used in the technique naming system. It literally means "Kill Person Technique" in Korean.

There is no explanation of how techniques with this name differ from others, but from the meaning, it is presumed they are used with the intention to kill.

An example would be Rapid-Fire Shinsu Cannon, where the same technique used by Baam against Data Zahard did not contain "Lethal Move" in its name[1], while Yu Han Sung used the Lethal Move version when attacking rankers in the Last Station[2].

Currently, the user with most Lethal Moves is White, with five Lethal Moves.

Almost all known users are Rankers, with the exception of

List of Lethal Moves

The list may be incomplete, as not all technique names are recorded in full on wiki.

User Technique First Appearance
Ari Bright Sharon Fairy Light Vol.2 Ch.325: 44F - The Last Station: Evankhell (3)
Canzon Slash Torrent Vol.3 Ch.15: 52F - Stealing the Fang (6)
Ha Jinsung Demonic Storm Vol.2 Ch.330: 44F - The Last Station: Kallavan (4)
Ha Yuri Zahard Rose Shower Vol.2 Ch.225: 39F - Hell Train: The 'Name Hunt' Station (28)
Kallavan Backlash Big Bomber Vol.2 Ch.337: 44F - The Last Station: New Wave (2)
Kallavan Hurricane Shaker - Backlash Bomber Vol.2 Ch.329: 44F - The Last Station: Kallavan (3)
Karaka Armor Tree Strike Vol.3 Ch.60: 52F - VS. Kallavan (1)
Khun Ran Espada de la Luz Vol.2 Ch.047: 28F - Devil of the Right Arm (6)
Lo Po Bia Dokoko Shimmering Vines Vol.3 Ch.58: 52F - A Rough War (3)
Mule Green Bone Breath Vol.3 Ch.21: 52F - Baylord Doom (2)
Twenty-Fifth Baam Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique Vol.3 Ch.23: 52F - Stealing the fang 2 (2)
White Deathly Sword of Crimson Spirits Vol.3 Ch.44: 52F - Kallavan vs White (2)
White Demon Slayer - Eight Strikes Massacre Vol.3 Ch.62: 52F - VS. Kallavan (3)
White Sapphire Single Shot Deadly Sword of Light Vol.3 Ch.63: 52F - VS. Kallavan (4)
White Seven Blood Spirit Blade Vol.3 Ch.62: 52F - VS. Kallavan (3)
White Sword of Purple Soulstorm Vol.3 Ch.44: 52F - Kallavan vs White (2)
Yu Han Sung Rapid-Fire Shinsu Cannon Vol.2 Ch.326: 44F - The Last Station: Evankhell (4)
Zahard (Data) Rampage Vol.2 Ch.301: ??F - Hell Train: Tomorrow (4)

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