Not to be confused with the test of the same name. If you were looking for the actual test itself, click here.

Baam, Koon and Rak enter Evankhell’s carrier, Leesoo is in awe at all the people that have passed, though his teammates are unimpressed with him and their surroundings. Koon warns Baam to look at every Regular as their greatest enemy, which Baam finds difficult to do.

A fight breaks out between two Regulars over the events that happened in the first round, but the fight is instantly quelled by the arrival of Lero-Ro and his reputation as a Ranker. Koon explains how remarkable a Ranker’s capabilities are, just as Lero-Ro initiates a new test. He blows everyone (except for Baam, to his disbelief) back with a shinsoo barrier, talking briefly about the important factor that luck plays in life.

Lero-ro's barrier

Lero-Ro's barrier made from compressed shinsoo

Due to Baam correctly guessing Anak would pass through the shinsoo barrier first, Lero-Ro agrees to answer Baam’s questions. After stating that he hadn’t seen Rachel, he outlined the structure of the Tower and gave the definition of Irregulars. Baam asked if he could meet them and Lero-Ro responded that he could at the top of the Tower.

They were interrupted by a Regular cursing the barrier and Lero-Ro. Lero-Ro responded by generating shinsoo and increasing the density to that commonly found on the 30th Floor. He leaves the Regular collapsed on the ground and returns to Baam.


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