I'm now going to the 77th Floor. If I go there... I may be able to find the truth.

—Lero-Ro to Quant Blitz[5]

Lero-Ro (레로-로, Rehro-Ro; "Lero-Ro") is a Ranker and the former Test Admin of the 2nd Floor along with Quant Blitz. He instructed the Light Bearer Position class, so his Position is a Light Bearer.[6]

Appearance and Personality

Lero-Ro is a 2 meter[1] tall, muscular human individual with blonde hair and two black spots under his eyes that show that he has undergone a special test. His choice of clothing was that of most Test Admins: a white lab coat with black trousers and gloves. After leaving his position as one of the Test Admins, he was seen to wear a black tuxedo. Later in the The Workshop Battle (30F) event, he disguise himself as a Workshop Soldier and wearing their uniform.


Young Lero-Ro without face dots

He appears to be a fairly collected and easygoing person. He is somewhat inquisitive about people. According to Yu Han Sung, he had always been seen with Evankhell,[7] implying both of them worked together quite a lot and he was capable and trusted by the Ruler.

He is also very sharp and even realised Anak Zahard was a fake,[8] calling her "Anak Zahard". As a result, he considered her powers to be "under expectations",[8] as she wasn't really a Zahard's Princess. He considered her weapon to be "a little bit dangerous",[8] implying he might've known it was the Green April.

He had trouble considering whether or not he should let Khun Aguero Agnis pass the Hide-and-Seek Test; although it was obvious that Khun was brilliant, he also considered Khun dangerous. Yu Han Sung noted that due to his intelligence and curiosity he could be quite hard to manipulate. He is a shrewd individual, realising that his superior was hiding something about the truth of the Tower, the Irregulars and Baam. It is unknown if he knew Rachel was an Irregular.

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Yuri and Lero Ro

Deleted flashback featuring Lero-Ro and Yuri Zahard

In a companion blog post to Chapter 57, SIU mentions deleting a flashback scene featuring young Lero-Ro and Ha Yuri Zahard because he thought it was out of place. The scene depicts the two of them as Regulars facing each other with their weapons down. SIU planned to tell their story later.[9]

In the past, Lero-Ro and Yuri were selected as Regulars at the same time, but only two of them had become Rankers from their group.[10] Although they were contemporaries, Lero-Ro took longer than Yuri to climb the Tower: he took more than 300 years to do so, while Yuri finished within 200-300 years.[1] At some point, he met Quant — his senior from an older group of Regulars — and they climbed the Tower as a team.[1]

The relationship between Lero-Ro and Yuri has actually been foreshadowed during the Crown Game test when Lero-Ro stated that Anak Zahard didn't live up to his expectations as Princess like what he felt back then with Yuri Zahard.

Tower of God: Part 1

Lero-Ro's Test

Lero-Ro proctored the tests on the Second Floor with the other examiners. He introduced himself to the Regulars just after they teamed up, then flung a Shinsu barrier at them. When Baam was not pushed back by the barrier, Lero-Ro realised that he had "another monster" and agreed to let him pass. He sat with Baam and watched as the other Regulars tried to get through the barrier. They made a bet over who would pass through the barrier first, with the winner having the opportunity to ask the loser a question. However, they both bet on Anak and both proved to be right. Lero-Ro conceded the bet to Baam, who asked him what an Irregular was. When all but three of the Regulars had gotten through, one of them loudly complained, causing Lero-Ro to shock him with Shinsu, to prove that he could not advance. Afterwards, he left them to the next test.

Crown Game

Lero ro like a boss

Lero-Ro does not tolerate those who do not follow the rules

He watched Anak's fight and stated that although she was strong, she was a disappointment compared to Yuri - although her weapon was "a bit dangerous". When Anak attacked Baam to try and get the Black March, Lero-Ro intervened and arranged things so that if Baam's team won the game, they would get the Green April, but if they lost, Anak would get the Black March.

Position Test

During the Position Test arc, Lero-Ro served as the instructor for the Light Bearers.


He watched the Hide-and-Seek test silently and saw Khun's whole scheme through his Lighthouse. He had difficulty deciding what to do with Khun, which Yu Han Sung only made worse by talking to him in a cryptic and menacing way.

Submerged Fish

After the Hide-and-Seek Test, Khun came to him to reveal that someone other than a Regular had influenced events in the previous test. After being given sufficient evidence, Lero-Ro suggested that there may be another way to get the injured Rachel into the next test.

Last Examination

Lero-Ro Quits

Lero-Ro quits.

After thinking about Khun's suspicions in his mind, he asked Test Director Yu Han Sung about the true purpose of the Second Floor. After hearing Yu Han Sung's explanation, he opposed the idea of preventing a specific individual from climbing the Tower, but he qucikly got scolded and then Yu Han Sung asked that why he didn't just quit his job as Test Admin if he didn't like the idea.

Later, in the end of Part I, Lero-Ro handed over his Test Admin Badge as a form of his resignation in front of Yu Han Sung. Before he left, he expressed his gratitude to Yu Han Sung for having taught him many things. After he left, Quant was also fired. Lero-Ro then said to Quant that he intended to go to the 77th Floor and find out the truth about Twenty-Fifth Baam's mysteriously disappearance in the Last Examination test.[5]

Epilogue - Rachel

After the passing Regulars moved up to the next Floor, Lero-Ro quit his position as an Examiner on the Second Floor and intended to go to the 77th Floor, where the headquarters of the Wolhaiksong resided. He told Quant that there, he may be able to find the "truth".

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince


You do not know the Power of the Mazino Side...

Extra Floor - Suspicious Arcade

While travelling with Quant on the 77th Floor, Lero-Ro ran into Hachuling. After Quant was defeated by the Wolhaiksong member in a series of comical games, Lero-Ro decided to fight him for real. However, before they could begin, Hachuling received a boring assignment from Wing Tree and decided to admit the pair into the organisation as 'interns' if they'd do his work for him.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle


We discovered later that he succeeded in infiltrating the Archimedes ship by being recruited as a guard of the facility which was currently working on Emile.

The Truth

Dressed as a guard he saved Hatsu from a patrol which was attempting to self-destruct and took Hatsu with him. He said that Hatsu had made great progress. After informing him about the end of the individual tournament, Lero-Ro asked for Hatsu's assistance in order to stop the creation of the "worst" weapon. It is later revealed by Hatsu that the job given to Lero-Ro by Hachuling was to observe Jyu Viole Grace. This was originally ordered by Urek Mazino who had grown interested in Viole after their fight. As Lero-Ro watched Viole he noticed that he very closely resembled Baam and decided to infiltrate the Archimedes in order to meet him.


In order to delay the time for when the solution would be poured, Lero-Ro released the prisoners held on board Archimedes.



Ro battles against the FUG Ranker

Before one of the guards are able to shoot Sophia Amae, he interfered and revealed that he has come to help his students. Lero-Ro then told them that he came to the Workshop because of Urek Mazino's growing curiosity in Baam and that they would escape through the suspendiship prepared by Wolhaiksong. At this time, Reflejo sent a taunting message to Viole, threatening to kill the hostages, Hwa Ryun, Kang Horyang and Novick. Lero-Ro recommended against Viole returning but was unsuccessful in doing so. In the resulting battle, he fought against a FUG Ranker to buy time for Viole and his friends to escape.


Lero-Ro was seen discussing the events of the Workshop Battle with Quant and Hachuling, suspecting that there was an intervention by higher-ups​ which prevented the details of the event leaking out.

Powers and Abilities


Lero-Ro and his arms inventory

Lero-Ro is an exceptionally strong Ranker for his age. Even Quant would constantly boast about his strength. He was supposedly the strongest 2nd Floor Test Admin. He was actually a top Fisherman when he was still a Regular. However, after becoming a Ranker, he just shifted his position to Light Bearer since it suited him more.[1]

He is held in a high regard by most Rankers and many fans state that the proof of his strength is all in the Stat Cards; he has the same rating as RED member Lo Po Bia Ren. According to SIU, because of his abilities as a Jeonsulsa or Lightning User, he is stronger than Ren.[11][12][13]

Super Hearing: He has amazingly good ears, being able to listen to Khun's silent comment from more than 100 meters away. It's unknown whether it's a result of Shinsu or simply a trait of his. Physical Strength: Lero-Ro is much stronger than he looks. He was able to hold back a two-handed swing from Anak's weapon with just one hand, without seeming to exert much effort at all. He may have used Shinsu to do this. Lighthouse Control: Being a Light Bearer, Lero-Ro can control several Lighthouses. During his time as a Test Admin, he and Yu Han Sung were the only Rankers who could view every single aspect of the testing facilities. He has a bright gold Lighthouse and can manipulate its form at will, using it to explain the basic structure of the Tower to Baam. Flight/Levitation: Lero-Ro can levitate himself thousands of meters off the ground using shinsu and also fly around at high speeds.[14]

Shinsu Manipulation: Lero-Ro is particularly skilled in using Shinsu. In his test, he can create a thick shinsu barrier, which pushed many people backwards when they were caught off guard. Lero-Ro did it to "test" their Shinsu Resistance. Those who can't pass his barrier will fail his test. The only person who wasn't pushed back by Lero-Ro's barrier was Baam. Lero-Ro can also increase the density of shinsu around him to incredible levels. Lero-Ro can also strengthen shinsu weapon with his shinsu.

  • Jeonsulsa: His statcard reveals that he is a Jeonsulsa (전술사) or "lightning user", meaning he holds a special position and is capable to convert shinsu to lightning or electricity and used it in battle.
  • Dangan Style: Weapon Reinforcement Technique: Lightning Strike (단간식: 무기강화술: 전격 (단간式: 武器強化術: 電撃), Dan'gan-shik Moogi'ganghwasool Jeongyeok):[15][14] A technique that uses electrical Shinsu to boost a weapons power. It explodes in a big flash from the point where the enemy is hit.


Notes and Trivia


Lero-Ro's personal collection of speakers and gramophones

  • Lero-Ro is apparently quite famous, as his profile can be found on the network that Light Bearers use. His face can sometimes be seen on vending machines.[17][18]
  • He seems to be an audiophile and enjoys collecting limited edition speakers as well as gramophones.
  • According to SIU, he was modelled after Pikachu and the "dots" on his face are not moles but some kind of other mark.
    • SIU further explained that similarly to Khun Ran's Redan, one gets the marks after eating "something".[19][20]
  • Lero-Ro and Quant are awkwardly described as a "Set Menu" by Yu Han Sung, respectively as Hamburger and Coke,[5] also due to the fact that he and Quant has always been together.


  • (In reference to Baam) "Looks like we got a monster."[21]
  • (Answering an unfortunate Regular) "Do you know what is the most important factor in climbing the Tower? That is - luck. Luck that allowed you to be born with a strong body. Luck that gave you a smart brain. Luck that brings wealth. Luck that avoids death. Luck that gave you a team- the reason you all have made it so far- was because of your luck. And you're saying that testing your luck is unfair?"[22]
  • (To Baam about an unfortunate Regular) "Don't you think that god is quite cruel? When he first shows you this world- makes us feel we could possess anything in this world...however, with a sudden appearance- he tells you "that's your limit". Even though there are so many things that we want still unfulfilled."[22]
  • (Answering Baam's question) "However I do know that there will also be a time when you must stop as well. And at the moment that you do stop, at that place I hope that what you are looking for is there."[22]
  • (To Yu Han Sung) "a sea without waves is no different than a pond. And such waters are bound to rot. Isn't it better to live fighting the waves?"[23]


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