Leon 3 (리론 3, Reeron 3; "Liron 3") was a Regular assigned to the Light Bearer position. He played a minor role before being eliminated from testing.

Appearance and Personality

Leon 3 looked like a human male with red hair and red eyes. During the Crown Game he wore what looks like a red beanie cap, a red long sleeve shirt with a purple short sleeve turtle shirt neck over that and a dark blue one piece suit over that. He also has a light brown holster for his weapon that crosses over his chest.

He was an odd character, as he hardly ever talked and he teamed up with a very odd pair.

Tower of God: Part 1

Lero-Ro's Test

He teamed up with Aleksai Amigochaz and Chungchung on the Second Floor after the "Deathmatch" Test and then managed to pass Lero-Ro's Test.

Crown Game

Leon 3's team decided to participate in the Crown Game and entered in round three. Leon fought Koon while trying to seize the crown, but was defeated and in the process knocked out his team-mate Aleksai Amigochaz.


He participated in the Hide-and-Seek Test on Team A where he was part of the first line of defence that failed to slow Quant down for 5 minutes.

Last Examination

Leon 3 failed to pass the Position Test and was thus eliminated from testing. He was later seen partying with the other Regulars and having a good time.

Powers and Abilities

Leon 3 bat

Leon 3's compression weapon

He fought using a compressed bat, which had far more mass than its size showed. The name and rank of the weapon was unknown. During the Crown Game, after blocking a hit from the Compression Weapon, Koon thought "This power... Compression Weapon? That's a bit dangerous...".

During the Hide-and-Seek test he demonstrated that he had developed Light Bearer position skills such as intelligence gathering and communicating information.