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The Legendary Giant of the Tower or simply "Ancient Giant" (고대 거인, Godae Geoin) is a super gigantic creature that once lived in the Tower. The giant was said to have split himself into five beings, each with the power to control the elements of the Tower and each were known as the "Native One".[1]

Throughout the Tower of God (series), there are several murals[2], drawing and painting[3] that have been shown, which might have been the proof of existence of this Legendary Giant. The giant looks similar to Rak Wraithraiser.


There was once a mysterious giant creature in the Tower who split himself into five beings, each with the power to control the elements of the Tower and each were known as the "Native One".

Powers and Abilities


Native Ones and their direct descendants were considered by Data Eduan to be extremely powerful beings, just as the giant before them was. They are known to be able to control and rule the elements in the Tower. When they used their elemental abilities, their body was covered in light and was able to change form.[1]

From the explanation of Data Eduan, The Legendary Giant itself might have been capable to control all five elements of the Tower and that would make the creature extremely powerful.

Notes and Trivia

  • The giant looks similar to Rak Wraithraiser.
  • The giant had split himself into five different beings, each with the power to control the elements of the Tower and each were known as the Native One.[1]



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