Lee Xiawun (리 샤웅, Li Syaung) is a ruler of the Last Station of the Hell Train. His adopted son, Sowa, and daughter, Soyong, help him manage the station.[1] His wish was to create a paradise free of competition for Regulars, a true resting place for those who survived until the end of the Hell Train.[2]


Lee Xiawun was apparently a succesful Regular. He lost his legs on the Hell Train. At some point after arriving at the Last Station he became its ruler.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Xiawun has a tanned complexion, long brown hair with bangs, and he uses wheelchair.

Despite wanting to create the Last Station as a safe place, Xiawun seems to accept the demands from the Zahard Empire and quietly cooperates.[2]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station

Xiawun hesitantly accepted orders from Zahard's Army during a conversation with Stuah Arthur. After an argument with his daughter, he stripped her of her rights as a ruler of the Dome.

After the arrival of Elpathion, the vice Commander of the 4th army corp, Xiawun transmitted his message to the ticketers, who had just arrived at his station. He told them to leave, because they had broken the rules of the Tower. Following that he next played a message from Elpathion himself.


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