Lee Sowa (리 소와, Li Sowa) helps his father, Lee Xiawun, manage the Last Station of the Hell Train, along with his sister Lee Soyong.[1]


Lee Sowa and his sister, Lee Soyong was a Regular who boarded the hell train in the past. They ran away from the train and have been living in hiding. But they didn't do that because they wanted to. Seeing the Regular are killing and competing with each other, it's terrifying them.

One day, Soyong hurt her ankle in a fight with a Guardian on the train, and Sowa was afraid that she would get hurt or killed in the battle, so they went into hiding to keep that secret from everyone on the train. Luckily they survived and arrived at the Last Station. They felt so grateful to Xiawun for welcoming them, and they were so taken by the peace at the station that they were settled. Xiawun then adopted both of them as his children.[2]

Appearance and Personality

Lee Sowa is a young man with blonde and brown hair. He wears a simple white shirt and grey trousers.

He keeps a much more calm demeanor around his foster father than his sister Soyong.[3] Sowa believes keeping the station peaceful is his priority. He obeyes his father and is willing to cooperate with Zahard's Army, while his sister is not.[4]

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station

When Regulars from the Hell Train set foot inside the Last Station, Lee Sowa along with a Wave Controller and a Spear Bearer went to arrest them. They encountered Baam and Androssi. Suddenly they heard a scream, which Sowa recognized as his sister. When he got to his sister, she was safe thanks to Baam.


Sowa's sister Soyong wanted to help Baam and Androssi. Sowa had objections to that, because they are criminals and helping them could get them killed. When Hwa Ryun showed up out of nowhere Sowa was instantly infatuated with her and he changed his decision. Later he stated, he will help these Regulars from Hell Train, only because Baam saved Soyong's life.

Later, Sowa went to activate a group of unmanned warships, which was planned to cause confusion amongst the enemies and allow Baam to save his friends.

Powers and Abilities

Lee Sowa uses a needle, when he deals with criminals.[4]


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